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20 August 2022

     01:26  Server Admin Log diffhist +33,432 Stashbot (ladsgroup@cumin1001: dbctl commit (dc=all): 'Depooling db1129 (T314041)', diff saved to and previous config saved to /var/cache/conftool/dbconfig/20220820-012602-ladsgroup.json)
 m   00:01  Map of database maintenance diffhist −84 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

19 August 2022

     23:04  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +433 Stashbot (TheresNoTime: resized deployment-mwlog01's /srv volume, restarted)
     21:58  User:Quiddity/How does it all work diffhist +271 Quiddity (→‎Examples: add presentation that gets close)
 m   21:14  Machine Learning/LiftWing diffhist +106 AikoChou (link to enwiki-goodfaith model card)
 m   20:38  Machine Learning/LiftWing/Deploy diffhist +2,854 AikoChou
 m   20:32  Machine Learning/LiftWing/KServe diffhist +552 AikoChou
     20:06  Incidents/2022-08-16 Beta Cluster 502 diffhist −70 Samtar (→‎Timeline)
     19:56  User:Samtar diffhist +94 Samtar
     19:38  Talk:Style guidelines diffhist +2,042 BCornwall (→‎Coming to a consensus on Python style guidelines: Reply)
N    18:50  Nova diffhist +102 Stashbot (wm-bot: <legoktm> Updated to HEAD)
     18:08  Data Engineering diffhist +78 ODimitrijevic (→‎About Data Engineering)
     17:06  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +145 Stashbot (taavi: [codfw1dev] restart mariadb on clouddb2002-dev to pick up certificate config changes T310795)
N    16:52  Metrics Platform/Deployed Streams diffhist +299 Phuedx (Create example Metrics Platform/Deployed Streams page)
 m   16:47  Incidents/2022-07-13 brief outbound bandwidth spike eqsin diffhist +423 Krinkle
     16:35  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> Double IRC messages to other bridges)
     16:32  Machine Learning/LiftWing/Inference Services/Production Image Development diffhist +238 AikoChou (add blubber command)
 m   16:31  Kubernetes/Clusters/New diffhist +2,408 Btullis (→‎Label Kubernetes Masters: Added details about labelling nodes)
     16:25  Incidents/2020-10-06 cloud-vps diffhist +1,496 Andrew Bogott
 m   16:24  Incidents/2021-09-26 appserver latency diffhist −1 Krinkle (part of a pattern, skip individual review)
     16:24  Incidents/2021-09-18 appserver latency diffhist −1 Krinkle (part of a pattern, skip review)
     15:47  Nova Resource:Tools.pbbot/SAL diffhist +131 Stashbot (wm-bot: <peterbowman> Drop 'responsive' attr in pretty-ref (6c67330), bump Jetty to 10.0.11)
     15:37  Incidents/2020-06-25 caching-sessions diffhist −2,892 Krinkle (draft>final; old)
 m   15:34  Incidents/2020-09-09 mobileapps config change diffhist −175 Krinkle (draft>review)
 m   15:30  Incidents/2022-07-11 Shellbox and parsoid saturation diffhist −485 Krinkle (draft>review)
     15:29  Incidents/2021-11-05 TOC language converter diffhist −788 Krinkle (draft>review)
 m   15:29  Incidents/2021-09-29 eqiad-kubernetes diffhist +7 Krinkle (draft>review)
 m   15:29  Incidents/2021-09-12 Esams upload diffhist +14 Krinkle (draft>review)
 m   15:29  Incidents/2021-09-01 partial parsoid outage diffhist −778 Krinkle (draft>review)
 m   15:28  Incidents/2021-02-05 wmflabs certs expired diffhist −342 Krinkle (draft>review)
     15:28  Incidents/2021-01-16 appserver latency diffhist −1,151 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed)
     15:25  Incidents/2020-08-14 isp-unreachable diffhist −677 Krinkle (draft>final; old)
     15:21  Incidents/2020-08-12 appservers oom diffhist −973 Krinkle (draft>final; old, restricted)
 m   15:19  Incidents/2020-07-03 Lilypond down diffhist −3,388 Krinkle
     15:18  Incidents/2022-08-16 x2 databases replication breakage diffhist +96 Jcrespo (→‎Actionables: +dbctl verbosity)
 m   15:14  Incidents/2020-06-11 sessionstore+kubernetes diffhist −959 Krinkle (draft>review)
 m   15:14  PKI/CA Operations diffhist +1,213 Btullis (Added instructions for setting up a new signing profile)
     15:11  Incidents/2020-06-04 cloud-private-repo diffhist −1,216 Krinkle
     15:09  Incidents/2020-05-11 thumbor diffhist −353 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed or tracked as incident follow-up)
     15:09  Incidents/2020-01-27 app server latency diffhist −3,213 Krinkle (draft>final; old, remove draft stuff, no unresolved TODOs)
 m   15:08  Incidents/2019-12-31 search-api-traffic-block diffhist −352 Krinkle (draft>review)
     15:08  Incidents/2019-12-10 updateCategoryCounts diffhist −1,247 Krinkle (draft>final; old)
     15:06  Incidents/2019-12-04 MediaWiki diffhist −3,126 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed)
 m   15:05  Incidents/2019-09-13 maps diffhist 0 Krinkle
     15:05  Incidents/2019-09-10 toolforge-kubernetes diffhist −353 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed)
     15:04  Incidents/2021-12-03 mx diffhist −605 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed)
     15:03  Incidents/2021-11-10 cirrussearch commonsfile outage diffhist −970 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed)
     15:01  Incidents/2021-09-13 cirrussearch restart diffhist −347 Krinkle (draft>final; old, actionable closed or tracked as incident follow-up)
 m   14:59  Incidents/2021-09-04 appserver latency diffhist 0 Krinkle
     14:57  Machine Learning/LiftWing/Inference Services diffhist −109 AikoChou (Update summary, move production image and pipeline links to a table)