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8 February 2023

     01:16  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/new exec host diffhist −1 Meno25 (fix double redirect)
     01:16  Nova Resource:Tools/Admin/new exec host diffhist −1 Meno25 (fix double redirect)
     01:15  Portal:Tool Labs/Admin/new exec host diffhist −1 Meno25 (fix double redirect)
     01:07  Server Admin Log diffhist +39,780 Stashbot (pt1979@cumin2002: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hardware.upgrade-firmware (exit_code=0) upgrade firmware for hosts ['mw2435'])

7 February 2023

     22:18  Help:Cloud Services communication content diffhist +34 Majavah (reword phabricator box)
     21:30  Deployments‎‎ 2 changes history +2,814 [Thcipriani‎; Superpes15‎]
21:30 (cur | prev) +1,402 Superpes15 (+3)
00:47 (cur | prev) +1,412 Thcipriani (Dan + Chad on Train next week)
     19:13  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +121 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: Configure support for forthcoming REL1_40 branches for T329077)
     15:35  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Iteration on network isolation diffhist +6 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (→‎Potentially available servers: typo server name)
     12:43  Switch Datacenter/Coordination diffhist +342 Clément Goubert (Update communication timeline for SRE-side communication)
     11:26  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +138 Stashbot (arturo: [codfw1dev] testing network changes in cloudgw, expect unrealiable network (T295774))
     10:22  Help:SSH Fingerprints/ diffhist 0 Muehlenhoff (Update fingerprints following Bullseye update)
     10:10  Switch Datacenter diffhist −62 Clément Goubert
     09:48  Help:SSH Fingerprints/ diffhist 0 Muehlenhoff (Update fingerprints following Bullseye update)
     09:44  SRE/LDAP diffhist −172 Majavah (→‎LDAP in Production: ldap-corp is gone)
     00:26  Vopsbot diffhist −392 RLazarus (→‎Bot commands: remove !refresh-topic, which doesn't exist)

6 February 2023

     23:17  Server Admin Log diffhist +48,055 Stashbot (pt1979@cumin2002: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.provision (exit_code=0) for host mw2421.mgmt.codfw.wmnet with reboot policy FORCED)
     23:01  User:Vgutierrez/CDN diffhist +2,083 BCornwall (→‎TLS Termination Layer: EC is not hard-coded to UNKNOWN)
     22:42  Analytics/Data Lake/Data Issues/2021-02-09 Unique Devices By Family Overcount diffhist 0 Kate Zimmerman (corrected start and end dates per documentation in
     22:13  User talk:Harej diffhist −4,903 Harej (archiving)
N    21:19  News/2023 Cloud VPS metrics changes diffhist +2,174 Majavah (draft)
N    21:14  User talk:Vgutierrez/CDN diffhist +288 BCornwall (→‎Should we include software version numbers?: new section)
     20:42  PAWS/PAWS examples and recipes diffhist +302 Lucas Werkmeister (→‎Dumps: add note for changed pageviews mount path)
     20:19  Cumin diffhist +248 Bking (Link host selection aliases)
     19:15  Thumbor diffhist −12 EpicPupper (→‎Updating custom plugins: Per MOS, remove duplicated title from heading)
     18:47  SRE/LDAP diffhist −38 BCornwall ("production" is a vague word here)
     16:46  MediaWiki:Sitenotice diffhist +219 BryanDavis (Update responsible team name. Outdated mw.o pages are not a good place to get your information.)
     15:57  Switch Datacenter diffhist −422 Clément Goubert (→‎MediaWiki: Add deprecation notice for redis sessions, to be removed after cookbook removal)
     14:56  LVS diffhist −108 Clément Goubert (→‎For both active/active and active/passive: Remove deprecated
N    14:11  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Build Service diffhist +341 Komla Sapaty (Add skeleton section for administrative tasks)
     13:51  SRE/Clinic Duty diffhist −228 Filippo Giunchedi (→‎Responsibilities: remove "pages for awareness" update, no longer a thing in the monday meeting doc)
     13:34  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Opensource Contributions diffhist +320 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (→‎2023: add debian section with a couple of bug reports)
     12:53  Logs diffhist −7 Majavah (→‎Beta cluster)
     12:46  Dbctl diffhist −10 Majavah (→‎I want to see changes pushed with dbctl: update link)
     12:42  Help:SSH Fingerprints/ diffhist −806 Majavah (Redirected page to Help:SSH Fingerprints/
     12:37  Help:Toolforge/Banned diffhist −4 Majavah (→‎What to do if you are banned:
     12:36  Help:Troubleshooting Toolforge diffhist −3 Majavah (→‎Can't detect Cloud VPS or the project: wmcs-project)
     11:55  SRE/SRE tooling diffhist −12 Majavah (→‎Reporting Web UI: update link)
     11:54  SRE/LDAP/Groups diffhist −15 Majavah (→‎See also)
     11:53  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Prometheus diffhist −234 Majavah (→‎Hiera: k8s_master_hosts is not needed)
     11:51  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Monitoring diffhist −183 Majavah (→‎Links)
     11:50  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/SSL certificate diffhist +66 Majavah (now managed by acme-chief)
     11:48  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Runbooks/Cloud VPS alert Puppet failure on diffhist +56 Majavah (→‎Hiera lookups work different in cloud than prod)
     11:47  Kubernetes/Enabling TLS diffhist −3 Majavah (→‎Add support to the chart: update link)
     11:46  ORES/Deployment diffhist −12 Majavah (→‎Beta ( update link)
     11:43  SRE/Production access diffhist +45 Majavah (→‎Advanced: operations config: use
     11:41  Help:Toolforge/Database diffhist −63 Majavah (some updates)
     11:39  Help:Toolforge/Rust diffhist −94 Majavah (→‎Running a webservice: canonical is no longer used)
     11:38  Help:Glossary diffhist −25 Majavah (drop wmflabs names)
     11:37  Help:Toolforge/Email diffhist +39 Majavah (
     11:36  Help:Manage floating IP addresses assigned to Cloud VPS instances diffhist 0 Majavah (→‎Add host name: wmcloud)
     11:35  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/emergency guides/toolforge down notification diffhist +13 Majavah (outdated)
     11:35  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/emergency guides/irc bot deployment diffhist +13 Majavah
     11:34  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/emergency guides/single tool webservice diffhist +13 Majavah (outdated)
     11:34  Portal:Toolforge/Admin diffhist −449 Majavah (update some stuff)
N    11:15  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Decision record T326136 Toolforge build service to move to an API design diffhist +1,946 Majavah (→‎Problem: fix link)
     10:19  Portal:Toolforge/Ongoing Efforts/Toolforge Build Service/Reports diffhist +160 David Caro (→‎Decision records)
     09:30  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +144 Stashbot (hashar: Built tox Docker images to include `bats` |

5 February 2023

     23:23  Help:Cloud VPS Instances diffhist 0 Meno25 (update link)
     23:21  Incidents/20160123-SessionManagerRolloutFailure diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:20  Wikidough diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:20  Third party standards diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:19  Incident response/In-depth diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:19  Logstash/Common Logging Schema diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:18  Obsolete:IPsec diffhist +13 Meno25 (update links)
     23:17  Metrics Platform/Client/Definition diffhist +9 Meno25 (update link)
     23:15  MariaDB/Backups diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:14  DNS diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     23:13  Deployments/Train vs backport diffhist +3 Meno25 (update link)
     22:28  Server Admin Log diffhist +385 Stashbot (topranks: Re-enabling peering to Seabone/Telecom Italit AS 6762 on cr2-esams at AMS-IX)
     18:14  Portal:Toolforge/Admin diffhist −16,950 Majavah (→‎Creating a new Docker image (e.g. for new versions of Node.js))
     18:14  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Kubernetes diffhist +1,606 Majavah (→‎Image building: mention image-config)
     18:09  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/New grid engine exec host diffhist −3,929 Majavah (Redirected page to Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Grid#Creating a new node)
N    18:08  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Grid diffhist +12,660 Majavah (move grid stuff from Portal:Toolforge/Admin)
     16:17  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Prometheus diffhist −134 Majavah (→‎See also)
     16:13  Nova Resource:Metricsinfra/Documentation diffhist +306 Majavah (update)
     16:09  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Monitoring diffhist −234 Majavah
     16:07  Help:Labs labs labs diffhist −5 Majavah (→‎Other usage of the term labs: update)
     16:07  Grafana diffhist −100 Majavah (→‎Beta cluster: update)
     15:24  Template:Nova Project diffhist −78 Majavah (use the new dashboard)

4 February 2023

     22:08  Template:Archive diffhist −5 Quiddity (reduce size of the retro rainbow?)
     14:59  Nova Resource:Tools.wikiloves/SAL diffhist +280 Stashbot (wm-bot: <jeanfred> Trigger update of folklore 2020-2023 (with incomplete configuration) for T313588)
     13:44  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +118 Stashbot (taavi: drop old columns from oathauth_users table on labtestwiki T328131)

3 February 2023

     22:36  Incidents/2023-01-24 sessionstore quorum issues diffhist −787 Eevans (→‎Actionables: Update actionables to reflect current understanding)
     21:19  API Portal diffhist +4 Alex Paskulin (Fix identifier)
     21:05  Server Admin Log‎‎ 2 changes history +36,628 [Stashbot‎ (2×)]
21:05 (cur | prev) +12,739 Stashbot (cmooney@cumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox (exit_code=0))
00:35 (cur | prev) +23,889 Stashbot (brett@cumin2002: START - Cookbook sre.hosts.reimage for host cp1080.eqiad.wmnet with OS bullseye)
     17:25  Swift/How To diffhist −25 MVernon (→‎Rollover a Swift key: Update to reflect hiera changes cf T162123)
     17:17  User:AKhatun diffhist +523 AKhatun (Updated job title)
     15:00  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +205 Stashbot (andrewbogott: restarted nova services in eqiad1 in an attempt to eke out another day or two of stability)
     14:24  News/Cloud VPS 2022 Purge diffhist +342 Harej (→‎wikicite)
     14:10  Nova Resource:Maps/SAL diffhist +206 Stashbot (wm-bot2: added user fnegri to the project as projectadmin - cookbook ran by fran@wmf3169)
     14:04  Kubernetes/Clusters/New diffhist +36 Ayounsi (→‎Networking)
     09:37  Schema changes diffhist −16 Jcrespo (→‎What is not a schema change: updating procedure)
     09:34  IP and AS allocations diffhist 0 Ayounsi (→‎BGP communities)
     03:35  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +153 Stashbot (Krinkle: Delete empty GitHub repositories that were created as mirror of a Gerrit repo but are empty and more than 5 years old)
N    00:33  Nova Resource:Tools.toolhub-extension-demo/SAL diffhist +138 Stashbot (wm-bot: <bd808> Upgraded to PHP 7.4 and latest HEAD on all git clones)

2 February 2023

     23:27  Nova Resource:Tools.notwikilambda/SAL diffhist +167 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> redirect to Internet Archive (useful information))
     21:58  Deployments/Risky change template diffhist +148 Jdlrobson (adding timezone is helpful)
     20:52  Httpbb diffhist +5,182 RLazarus (→‎Adding tests: add json_body)
     20:13  News/Cloud VPS 2022 Purge diffhist +114 Meno25 (use https)
     20:01  Analytics/Projects/Public Data Lake diffhist −60 Ottomata
     18:13  User:AKhatun diffhist +180 AKhatun (Updated work description)
     17:31  Deployments diffhist +512 Nray (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-02-02}})
     17:31  Kubernetes/Troubleshooting diffhist +1,068 BryanDavis (→‎Troubleshooting a deployment: replace unnecessarily gendered word)
     17:14  Fundraising/Development tools/Testing diffhist +107 Cstone (→‎Unit Tests)
     16:32  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Opensource Contributions diffhist −57 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (contributions in 2019 don't feel very relevant. I closed the bug report upstream as invalid anyway.)
     15:53  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +353 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: [operations/debs/gdnsd] Add debian-glue CI for T321309)
     15:19  SRE/Dc-operations/Platform-specific documentation/Dell Documentation diffhist +660 Sukhbir Singh (rearrange bullseye upgrade)
     14:58  Server Lifecycle diffhist −18 Muehlenhoff (→‎Rename while reimaging: Update docs, the decom cookbook removes the old record, so the DNS name needs to be re-entered)
     13:14  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +302 Stashbot (dcaro_away: draining osd.48 from node cloudcephosd1001 (T316544))
     12:47  How to deploy code diffhist +227 Kosta Harlan (→‎Deployment: via script)
N    11:42  Performance/FOSDEM 2020 Call for Participation diffhist +2,976 Krinkle
     11:41  Machine Learning/LiftWing diffhist +2,223 Elukey
     08:42  GitLab/Upgrade diffhist +5 Jelto (Undo revision 2050167 by AOkoth (talk))
     06:46  Help:Toolforge/Kubernetes diffhist +80 Majavah (→‎Available container types: mark deprecated images)
N    05:42  User:Aishik Rehman diffhist +152 Aishik Rehman
     01:24  Server Admin Log diffhist −622,512 Stashbot (sukhe@cumin2002: START - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime for 2:00:00 on cp1075.eqiad.wmnet with reason: host reimage)
     00:21  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +425 Stashbot (ma: Added 12 new wikis to CVNBot{6,7,8}, 4 to each one. Refs.: T321283 T321289 T321295 T326139 T305281 T310873 T312215 T314640 T314646 T316457 T317113 T319191)

1 February 2023

     22:22  Fundraising diffhist +242 Greg Grossmeier (→‎Subpages: stripprefix, hideredirects)
     21:36  Nova Resource:Tools.stewardbots/SAL diffhist +182 Stashbot (AntiComposite: Restart stewardbot, rc listener died with 429 Client Error: Too Many Requests for url:
     21:28  GitLab/Upgrade diffhist +415 AOkoth (→‎Automated Upgrade (sre.gitlab.upgrade coobook))
     21:08  Deployments diffhist +783 Ottomata (→‎Tuesday, February 7: Added an EventBus deploy to backport window.)
     20:21  Fundraising/Development tools/Testing diffhist +125 Cstone
     19:27  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Auth logging diffhist +6,095 Southparkfan
     18:18  Nova Resource:Tools.mabot/SAL diffhist +78 Stashbot (wm-bot: <maurelio> Upgraded to 8bc13ac)
     17:48  SLO diffhist +20 Ryan Kemper (→‎Published SLOs: Officially publish WDQS SLO)
     17:16  MediaWiki On Kubernetes diffhist −53 Clément Goubert (→‎How to force a full rebuild of the image)
     17:16  Kubernetes/Clusters diffhist +28 Clément Goubert (→‎Goal)
     16:09  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Toolforge container image configuration diffhist +29 Majavah (phab)
     16:03  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +228 Stashbot (taavi: deployed tools-webservice 0.89)
     15:46  Portal:Toolforge/Admin diffhist −117 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (→‎Testing/QA for a new tools-webservice package: add reference to the package README)
N    15:45  User talk:Fluq diffhist +1,343 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     15:41  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +182 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (372037f) - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     14:04  Kubernetes/Images diffhist +422 Filippo Giunchedi (→‎Image building: add local builds)
     13:25  Incidents/2023-01-30 kartotherian diffhist −1,545 Awight (→‎Conclusions: update conclusion: just containerize it)
N    09:38  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Workgroup/2023-01-31 diffhist +10,998 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (create page)
     08:40  API Gateway diffhist +48 Alangi Derick (→‎Authentication and authorization: link to OAuth 2.0 on enwp.)
     08:34  MariaDB/Changing user passwords diffhist +167 Ladsgroup (→‎wikiuser and wikiadmin)
     06:37  Server Admin Log/Archives diffhist +59 Nhatminh01 (→‎2020s: add)
N    06:36  Server Admin Log/Archive 62 diffhist +669,251 Nhatminh01 (→‎2023-01-02: fft)
     02:33  Main Page diffhist +41 EpicPupper (center boldly, BRD)
     02:12  Help:Putty diffhist +60 EpicPupper (labs --> cloud services)
     01:07  Fundraising/Team processes/Tech talks diffhist +116 Cstone
     01:04  Performance/Guides/Frontend performance practices diffhist +6,510 Krinkle
     00:38  Server Admin Log diffhist +34,224 Stashbot (brett@cumin2002: conftool action : set/pooled=yes; selector: name=cp3055.esams.wmnet)

31 January 2023

     22:39  Nova Resource:Devtools/SAL diffhist +143 Stashbot (mutante: remove role::gitlab from gitlab-prod-1001. to be replaced with gitlab-prod-1002. T318521)
     21:24  Fundraising/Team processes/DRI/Rotation diffhist +107 Greg Grossmeier (uuuupdate)
     20:54  Data Engineering/Systems/AQS diffhist +90 Kosta Harlan (Listing steward information per T324675#8574819)
     20:37  Deployments diffhist +1,439 Brian Wolff (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-31}}: add my change)
     20:30  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +418 Stashbot (brennen: deploy1002:/srv/deployment/phabricator/deployment: updating previous phabricator remotes to gitlab)
     19:48  Portal:Toolforge/About Toolforge diffhist +1 Bináris (→‎The databases: This does not belong to previous sentence)
     19:34  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +230 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed bfaf13f447 (update github actions; pulled without webservice restart))
     18:28  Proton diffhist +7 Alangi Derick (→‎Monitoring: update current graphana for Proton metrics.)
     17:19  Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/Webrequest diffhist +1,179 Snwachukwu (→‎Changes and known problems since 2015-03-04)
     16:02  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Runbooks/Check unit status of backup cinder volumes diffhist +1,971 Andrew Bogott (→‎Snapshot 'available' but cannot be deleted)
     14:43  Kubernetes/Service ports diffhist +25 Hnowlan (Add service port for unique-devices)
     14:43  Incidents/2023-01-10 eqsin network outage diffhist +147 LSobanski (→‎Scorecard)
     13:17  Machine Learning/LiftWing/KServe diffhist +1,111 Ilias Sarantopoulos (Add multiprocessing section for model servers)
     12:24  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +140 Stashbot (Rook: cluster upgraded to k8s 1.22 360b1238e85a7b3613db88a4919e87801ae69321 T327264)
N    12:08  Kerberos diffhist +47 Majavah (Redirected page to Data Engineering/Systems/Kerberos)
N    11:17  User:Superpes15 diffhist +107 Superpes15 (+UP)
     10:57  Kubernetes/Administration diffhist −78 JMeybohm (→‎Switch the active staging cluster (eqiadcodfw))
     10:47  Incidents/2023-01-30 kartotherian diffhist +2,709 Awight (set status to in-review)
     10:08  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Ownership diffhist +32 David Caro
N    09:32  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Workgroup diffhist +812 David Caro (Added a way for users to request invites)
N    09:29  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Workgroup/2022-11-15 diffhist +11,078 David Caro (Renaming to workgroup)
     09:26  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Council Meeting/2022-12-13 diffhist −12,136 David Caro (David Caro moved page Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Council Meeting/2022-12-13 to Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Workgroup/2022-12-13: More inclusive naming)
     09:26  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Council Meeting/2022-11-15 diffhist −11,018 David Caro (David Caro moved page Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Council Meeting/2022-11-15 to Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Workgroup/2022-11-15: More inclusive naming)
     09:25  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Council Meeting diffhist −694 David Caro (David Caro moved page Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Council Meeting to Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Workgroup: More inclusive naming)
N    09:23  File:Maps service errors 2023-01-30.png diffhist +40 Awight
     08:36  Portal:Toolforge/Ongoing Efforts/Toolforge Build Service/Overview diffhist +29 David Caro (→‎Project organization)
     00:50  Server Admin Log diffhist +57,101 Stashbot (brett@cumin1001: conftool action : set/pooled=yes; selector: name=cp5027.eqsin.wmnet)

30 January 2023

N    23:48  User talk:GrapheSuppression diffhist +684 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     23:29  Deployments diffhist +932 Dreamy Jazz (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-31}}: +)
     23:23  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +384 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: [mediawiki/services/kartotherian] Rename jobs to 'publish' for T327332)
     22:53  Incidents/2023-01-10 eqsin network outage diffhist +352 Andrea Denisse (→‎Scorecard)
     22:50  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +106 Stashbot (Krinkle: Delete cvn-app8 and cvn-app9 instances, ref T306066)
     22:34  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +276 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Upgraded and rebooted host - cookbook ran by andrew@bullseye)
N    22:08  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Ownership diffhist +1,570 Nskaggs (Preliminary page outline)
     21:33  User:Nskaggs diffhist −14,112 Nskaggs (Replaced content with "See instead.")
     20:26 diffhist −12 BryanDavis (→‎History: words)
     20:25  Configuration files diffhist +791 Gergő Tisza (→‎InitialiseSettings.php: mention + and -)
     20:13  Incidents/2023-01-14 asw-b2-codfw failure diffhist +2 Andrea Denisse (→‎Scorecard)
     20:11  Performance/Runbook/Arc Lamp service diffhist +21 Krinkle
     20:06  Fundraising/Cluster/Deployments diffhist +140 Cstone (→‎Deploying to payments)
     17:19  GitLab diffhist +82 AOkoth
     17:06  Incidents/2023-01-24 sessionstore quorum issues diffhist −366 BCornwall (→‎Actionables: Remove marks)
     15:36  User:Milimetric/Gobblin diffhist −3,621 Milimetric (Milimetric moved page User:Milimetric/Gobblin to User:Milimetric/Archive/Gobblin)
     15:34  User:Milimetric diffhist +135 Milimetric
N    14:51  User:Sbailey diffhist +540 Sbailey (Created page with "SBAILEY testing linter errors: Here we have a new page supposedly with spaces in the title <b>foo misnested tag<i> bad bar </b> baz </i> [ File:Foobar.jpg an_image] <i> foo misnested tag<b> bad b bar </i> baz </b> <b> foo misnested again tag<i> bad bar </b> baz </i> <b>foo misnested tag<i> bad bar </b> baz </i> [ File:Foobar.jpg an_image] <i> foo misnested tag<b> bad b bar </i> baz </b> <b> foo misnested again...")
     14:36  Metrics Platform/Identifiers diffhist +251 Phuedx (Clarify that session IDs are per-domain on MediaWiki.)
     14:12  Metrics Platform/FAQ diffhist +66 Emil Chetty (updated timetable)
     13:51  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +260 Stashbot (Rook: Set 1 to = 1 for nfs mounts and variables 09b036eb9dab09df39e9064cad4d18bc0db1b763 T326675)
N    13:45  Incidents/2023-01-30 kartotherian diffhist +4,809 Awight (Draft report)
     11:39  PAWS/Admin diffhist +67 Vivian Rook (→‎Deployment)
     11:02  Nova Resource:Clouddb-services/SAL diffhist +239 Stashbot (dhinus: 'SET GLOBAL read_only = 0;' after restarting mariadb in clouddb1001 (T328273))
     09:48  SRE/Dc-operations/Hardware Troubleshooting Runbook diffhist +73 Jcrespo (→‎Dell Hardware Raid Information Gathering: link to perccli)
     09:46  MegaCli diffhist +250 Jcrespo (update links to perc and HP)
     08:56  Password and 2FA reset diffhist +16 JJMC89 (→‎For users: wmcs-kanban→cloud-services-team)
     06:10  Client errors diffhist +406 Gergő Tisza (add →‎Infrastructure: section)

29 January 2023

     20:59  Deployments diffhist +186 MusikAnimal (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-30}}: schedule deployment of gerrit:884474)
N    19:30  User:Legoktm/update-rust-web-tool diffhist +446 Legoktm (git commit -m "Initial commit")
N    19:21  Nova Resource:Tools.upcoming-mainpage/SAL diffhist +140 Stashbot (wm-bot: <legoktm> Updated from 4ed2db5 to a62a237)
     18:17  Help:Toolforge/Python diffhist +126 Majavah (→‎Kubernetes python jobs)
     18:13  News/Toolforge Grid Engine deprecation diffhist +315 Majavah (→‎Solutions to common problems: mention)
N    15:10  User:Majavah/Toolforge getting started tutorial diffhist +5,842 Majavah (wip)
     14:46  Server Admin Log diffhist +458 Stashbot (ariel@cumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.reboot-single (exit_code=0) for host dumpsdata1002.eqiad.wmnet)
     12:37  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +106 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 3ca9650fe1 (Danish adjectives))

28 January 2023

     16:26  Nova Resource:Devtools/SAL diffhist +153 Stashbot (taavi: adjust gitlab-prod-1002 network port settings to allow adding the secondary IP, requested in T318521)
     14:50  Nova Resource:Tools.jayprakashbot/SAL diffhist +130 Stashbot (taavi: take the webservice offline, open registration wiki which violates Help:Toolforge/Rules #5)
     09:24  User:Magioladitis diffhist +21 Magioladitis (→‎Flags)
     02:51  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +80 Stashbot (AntiComposite: /cs flags #cvn-sw Ajraddatz local_op)
     00:36  Server Admin Log diffhist +18,571 Stashbot (brett@cumin1001: conftool action : set/pooled=yes; selector: name=cp4050.ulsfo.wmnet)
     00:21  Bast6001 diffhist +42 BryanDavis
     00:20  Bast5001 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:20  Bast5002 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:19  Bast3002 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:19  Bast3004 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:19  Bast3005 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:18  Bast2001 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:18  Bast1001 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:18  Bast1002 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:10  Bast4003 diffhist +62 BryanDavis
     00:05  Bast4001 diffhist +8 BryanDavis
     00:05  Bast4002 diffhist +8 BryanDavis

27 January 2023

     20:42  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +725 Stashbot (thcipriani: Updating docker-pkg files on contint primary for
     20:08  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +461 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Upgraded and rebooted host - cookbook ran by andrew@bullseye)
     19:51  Nova Resource:Tools.iabot/SAL diffhist +83 Stashbot (balloons: set limits.cpu to 4 T328158)
     19:03  Cookies diffhist +266 Catrope (→‎But if you must…: add instruction to email privacy@ when adding a new cookie)
     17:52  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Kafka/Capacity diffhist −9,445 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Kafka/Capacity to Analytics/Archive/Kafka/Capacity)
     17:49  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/QueryUsingUDF diffhist −7,866 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/QueryUsingUDF to Analytics/Cluster/Hive/QueryUsingUDF)
     17:49  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Queries/Wikidata diffhist −1,445 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Queries/Wikidata to Analytics/Cluster/Hive/Queries/Wikidata)
     17:48  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Queries diffhist −15,440 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Queries to Analytics/Cluster/Hive/Queries)
     17:47  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Counting uniques diffhist −4,693 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Counting uniques to Analytics/Cluster/Hive/Counting uniques)
     17:47  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Compression diffhist −5,381 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Compression to Analytics/Cluster/Hive/Compression)
     17:46  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Avro diffhist −3,098 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Avro to Analytics/Cluster/Hive/Avro)
     17:46  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive diffhist −4,604 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hive to Analytics/Cluster/Hive)
     17:41  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Data Format Experiments diffhist −18,141 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Data Format Experiments to Analytics/Cluster/Data Format Experiments)
     17:32  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/BrowserReports diffhist −86 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/BrowserReports to Analytics/BrowserReports)
     17:28  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Beeline diffhist −2,202 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Beeline to Analytics/Cluster/Beeline)
     16:55  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hadoop diffhist −3,989 Btullis (Btullis moved page Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Hadoop to Analytics/Cluster/Hadoop)
     16:52  Logstash/Common Logging Schema diffhist −448 Cwhite (→‎Deploying an updated schema: warning no longer needed)
     16:42  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +1 Wbm1058 (footnotes before external links)
     16:27  Analytics diffhist +1,694 Btullis
     16:25  Provenance diffhist +122 Sbisson
     15:52  Nova Resource:Clouddb-services/SAL diffhist +243 Stashbot (taavi: repaired wmf-mariadb101 installation on clouddb1001)