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29 July 2021

     23:53  Deployments‎‎ 2 changes history +869 [STran‎; Gergő Tisza‎]
23:53 (cur | prev) +336 Gergő Tisza →‎Thursday, July 29
00:28 (cur | prev) +533 STran
     23:50  Backport windows/Deployers diffhist +80 Thcipriani →‎Terminal tabs
     23:41  Server Admin Log diffhist +6,556 Stashbot derick@deploy1002: Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Config: Merge new configs with existing testwiki definition (duration: 00m 57s)
 m   23:19  Event Platform/Schemas/Guidelines diffhist +119 Nettrom →‎Automatically populated fields: line numbers change
N    22:50  Incident documentation/2021-07-26 ruwikinews DynamicPageList diffhist +6,442 Legoktm improve summary
     22:12  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +313 Stashbot jeena: Reloading Zuul to deploy
N    22:07  User:ExE Boss/UBX/Userbox collapsible/doc diffhist +1,492 ExE Boss Copied from m:User:ExE Boss/UBX/Userbox collapsible/doc
N    22:06  Module:Message box/ombox.css diffhist +1,977 ExE Boss Copied from mw:Module:Message box/ombox.css
     22:02  User:ExE Boss/OtherProjects/doc diffhist +68 ExE Boss →‎top: Add {{Shared Template Warning}}
N    22:01  Template:Shared Template Warning/doc diffhist +267 ExE Boss Create documentation subpage for {{Shared Template Warning}}
N    21:59  Template:Shared Template Warning diffhist +1,187 ExE Boss 3 revisions imported from mw:Template:Shared Template Warning/sandbox
     21:38  Phabricator diffhist +81 Aklapper Batch edits: Link to mw docs
     21:26  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Workflow management tools study diffhist +6,639 Mforns →‎Conslusions after 2nd P.O.C.: adding final conclusion
     20:38  Incident documentation/2021-07-14 eventgate-analytics latency spike caused MW app server overload diffhist +84 Krinkle fix invalid <syntaxhighlight>
     19:57  Parsoid diffhist +298 C. Scott Ananian →‎Prepare the vendor patch: Describe how to use Subbu's new tool.
N    19:19  User:DarkMatterMan4500 diffhist +125 DarkMatterMan4500 Created page with "Hello everyone. ~~~~"
     18:53  Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/SessionLength diffhist +31 Ottomata →‎Data size
     18:52  Analytics Engineering diffhist +2 Ottomata →‎Systems
     18:52  Service restarts diffhist −20 Ottomata →‎Hadoop workers
     18:51  Kafka/Administration diffhist −619 Ottomata →‎Data integrity
     18:50  Analytics/Ops week diffhist −470 Ottomata →‎Camus failure report
     18:50  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Hadoop/Test diffhist +2 Ottomata →‎Hadoop upgrade - jobs to test
     18:49  Analytics/Systems/Cluster diffhist +20 Ottomata →‎Batch Analysis - Hadoop
     18:47  Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/mediawiki api request diffhist +2 Ottomata →‎event.mediawiki_api_request
     18:47  Kafka diffhist +12 Ottomata →‎jumbo (eqiad)
     18:46  Analytics/Systems/EventLogging/Administration diffhist −235 Ottomata
     18:45  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Hive/Avro diffhist −39 Ottomata →‎External Tables
     18:44  Analytics/Systems/Dealing with data loss alarms diffhist +23 Ottomata →‎Check dataloss False positives
     18:43  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Deploy/Refinery-source diffhist −97 Ottomata →‎How to deploy from the CLI
     18:41  Nova Resource:Tools.wikibugs/SAL diffhist +167 Stashbot wikibugs: Updated channels.yaml to: d7555428ef9264c75b83b097fd78e9918bc8b250 Send SRE-* projects to `#wikimedia-operations` too
     18:14  User:Jbond/debuging diffhist +416 Jbond →‎get table sizes
     18:04  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +133 Stashbot majavah: reset sul account mapping on striker for developer account "Derek Zax" T287369
N    17:25  Obsolete:Analytics/Systems/Cluster/MediaWiki Avro Logging diffhist +14,106 BryanDavis Mark with Template:Obsolete
     17:24  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/MediaWiki Avro Logging diffhist −14,035 BryanDavis BryanDavis moved page Analytics/Systems/Cluster/MediaWiki Avro Logging to Obsolete:Analytics/Systems/Cluster/MediaWiki Avro Logging
     16:42  User:Razzi diffhist +264 Razzi →‎staff meeting to watch: new section
     16:09  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Runbooks/Refresh sssd caches diffhist +225 Andrew Bogott →‎Fixing
     15:42  Nova Resource:Reading-web-staging diffhist −1,031 Jdlrobson
 m   15:39  Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/Webrequest diffhist +3 Btullis →‎Pipeline: Replace Camus with Gobblin
     15:11  Analytics/Systems/EventLogging/Architecture diffhist +134 Ottomata
N    15:07  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Gobblin diffhist +1,373 Ottomata Created page with "[ Apache Gobblin] is Hadoop ingestion software used at WMF primarily to import data from Kafka into HDFS. == Gobblin jobs == Gobblin jobs are [ declared in puppet]. == WMF's Gobblin fork == The Data Engineering team maintains a [ fork of Gobblin]. We use this fork to maintain our own [..."
     14:09  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot majavah: add mdipietro as projectadmin T287287
     14:08  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +174 Stashbot majavah: add mdipietro as projectadmin T287287
     14:04  Analytics/Systems/Airflow‎‎ 2 changes history +877 [Ottomata‎ (2×)]
14:04 (cur | prev) 0 Ottomata →‎platform-eng
00:42 (cur | prev) +877 Ottomata →‎Configure the Airflow instance in Puppet
 m   13:22  Metrics Platform/Demos diffhist 0 DAbad
     11:54  Ganeti diffhist +341 Muehlenhoff →‎Synchronize ssh_host_rsa_key across cluster nodes: Mark as obsolete, with the version of Ganeti in Stretch and later, the SSH keys get synched by "gnt-node add"
     09:12  Dumps/Dumpsdata hosts diffhist 0 ArielGlenn →‎XML Dumpsdata hosts: dumpsdata hosts switched back after network maintenance. 1003 has the 10g nic so we prefer it as primary
     09:05  SRE/Infrastructure naming conventions diffhist 0 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) →‎Miscellaneous servers: bump next element number to 113 (nihonium), since 112 (copernicium) exists; some higher numbers also exist already, but 113 seems to be a gap
     09:05  Dumps/XML-SQL Dumps/Swapping NFS servers diffhist +377 ArielGlenn
     08:18  Dumps/Snapshot hosts diffhist 0 ArielGlenn →‎Hardware: swapped testbed in for a primary before network maintenance, can leave it there
     07:49  WMDE/Wikidata diffhist +108 Addshore Add

28 July 2021

     23:57  Server Admin Log diffhist +7,751 Stashbot thcipriani@deploy1002: Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Config: wgSkipSkins: Update defaults, hide modern (T287616) (duration: 01m 06s)
Nm   22:10  Talk:Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Toolforge Buildpack Implementation diffhist +591 Bstorm →‎Should we use kpack or tekton pipelines
     21:33  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +111 Stashbot majavah: add mdipietro as projectadmin and to sudo policy T287287
     21:29  Nova Resource:Tools.admin/SAL diffhist +90 Stashbot majavah: add mdipietro as maintainer T287287
     21:13  User:Jbond/debuging diffhist +1,975 Cwhite →‎display locks
     20:22  Analytics/Systems/EventLogging/TestingOnBetaCluster diffhist +125 Ottomata
     18:16  User:Razzi diffhist +372 Razzi →‎More broccoli (yubikey ssh): new section
     18:16  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Workflow management tools study diffhist +399 Mforns →‎Airflow 2 P.O.C.
     17:53  Nova Resource:Deployment-prep/SAL diffhist +114 Stashbot andrewbogott: rebooting deployment-logstash03 as it's in an inconsistent config state
     17:53  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +191 Stashbot andrewbogott: rebooting deployment-logstash03 as it's in an inconsistent config state
     17:36  User:Isaacandy diffhist +119 Nintendofan885
     17:33  User:鍾顓如 diffhist +16 Nintendofan885
     17:14  Nova Resource:Mediawiki-vagrant/SAL diffhist +337 Stashbot bd808: mwv-builder-03: added cinder volume, migrated /srv to it, fixed broken apt state, forced puppet run to ensure things are better now that the / partition has some free space.
     16:54  Nova Resource:Search/SAL diffhist +98 Stashbot andrewbogott: rebooting relforge-search; it's unreachable and hanging
     16:52  Nova Resource:Wikicommunityhealth/SAL diffhist +90 Stashbot andrewbogott: rebooting VM 'backend', unreachable and hanging
     16:47  Nova Resource:Reading-web-staging/SAL diffhist +160 Stashbot andrewbogott: rebooting nehpets VM, OOM
     16:39  Nova Resource:Devtools/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot andrewbogott: rebooting gerrit-prod-1001; seemingly unreachable
     16:18  Nova Resource:Wikibase-registry/SAL diffhist +975 Stashbot wm-bot: ` sudo docker restart 873f4b18478d` Restarting wikibase-registry_wdqs-frontend_1 to hopefully fix all wdqs queries being 502
     15:30  Analytics/Systems/Kerberos diffhist +24 Ottomata →‎Create a keytab for a service
     14:45  Ganeti diffhist +338 Muehlenhoff →‎Generate an RAPI certificate for the cluster: Add step to create a SVC for the floating IP
     13:01  GitLab diffhist +22 Jelto
     10:35  Gerrit/Phabricator integration diffhist +71 Nintendofan885 Add GitHub mirror
N    09:01  User talk:Wiphawrrnb63 diffhist +1 Wiphawrrnb Created page with "A"

27 July 2021

     23:53  Server Admin Log diffhist +16,222 Stashbot thcipriani@deploy1002: Synchronized php-1.37.0-wmf.16/skins/Vector: Backport: Restore print, links, table and message box styles (T278896) (duration: 01m 07s)
     23:51  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Toolforge Buildpack Implementation diffhist +3,487 Bstorm →‎Components: Add deployment service
     23:46  Switch Datacenter diffhist +87 Legoktm →‎Upcoming and past switches: proposed switchback schedule
     23:09  Deployments diffhist +457 Thcipriani →‎Tuesday, July 27
     21:56  SRE/SRE Clinic Duty diffhist +57 Legoktm →‎Mailman mailing lists: outdated
     21:32  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +313 Stashbot andrewbogott: putting cloudvirt1012 back into service T286748
N    20:50  Nova Resource:Wikicite/SAL diffhist +231 Stashbot andrewbogott: reduced project quota to 100Gb and increased Trove volume quota to 120Gb
 m   20:41  DNS/Discovery diffhist +53 Ryan Kemper →‎Add a service to production: code tag started too early in last edit of mine
N    19:49  File:Toolforge-build-service.png diffhist +75 Bstorm
     19:44  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Trove diffhist +1,626 Andrew Bogott →‎Adjusting per-project Trove quotas
     19:43  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Projects lifecycle diffhist +70 Nskaggs Add link for trove quotas
     19:41  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Clinic duties diffhist +84 Andrew Bogott →‎Community Requests
     19:25  News diffhist +201 Andrew Bogott Added entry for Trove, moved the wikireplica entry down into 'Recently Completed'
N    19:13  Nova Resource:Wikicite diffhist +113 Labslogbot Auto update of instance info.
     19:01  Template:Status diffhist −1,033 Nintendofan885 should work this time
N    19:00  Template:Status/doc diffhist +1,053 Nintendofan885 should work this time
     18:51 diffhist +74 Nintendofan885
     16:55  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +197 Stashbot dduvall: creating new gitlab runner instance runner-1002 for testing
     16:31  Nova Resource:Wikidata-dev/SAL diffhist +363 Stashbot Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile created instance, installed MediaWiki (using in-VM MariaDB, not the cool new Cloud VPS database thing)
     16:23  Nova Resource:Wikibase-registry/SAL diffhist +891 Stashbot wm-bot: `sudo docker image prune` removing dangling docker images to free up space T287492
     16:20  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +84 Stashbot bstorm: built new php images with python2 on board T287421
     15:29  Analytics/Systems/Kerberos diffhist +1,101 Btullis
     13:29  Event Platform/EventGate/Administration diffhist +115 Ottomata →‎Troubleshooting in production
     11:13 diffhist 0 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) update codfw mwmaint host (T267607)
     10:55  WikimediaDebug diffhist +413 Giuseppe Lavagetto →‎Available backends: Added a note about the k8s installation.