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27 January 2023

     01:16  Server Admin Log diffhist +62,951 Stashbot (eevans@cumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.cassandra.roll-restart (exit_code=0) for nodes matching cassandra-dev2*: Applying configuration change to cassandra-dev cluster - eevans@cumin1001)
 m   00:00  Map of database maintenance diffhist +1,429 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

26 January 2023

     23:34  Data Engineering/Systems/Cluster/Spark diffhist −15 Neil P. Quinn-WMF (→‎Migration to Spark 3: Conda-Analytics is now available)
     23:10  User:Milimetric/Learning iceberg diffhist +564 Milimetric
     22:49  Deployments/Holding the train diffhist +39 Jdlrobson (→‎Issues that hold the train: move from list to headings for easier referencing)
     21:41  Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/Pageview hourly diffhist +92 Neil P. Quinn-WMF (→‎Changes and known problems since 2015-06-16: Add link to data loss page)
 m   21:40  Management Interfaces diffhist +1 BCornwall (→‎Does IPMI work locally?: no → not)
 m   21:36  SessionStorage diffhist −1 Quiddity (rm top gap (mostly for navpopups))
     21:30  Deployments diffhist +718 Sbailey (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-30}})
     20:34  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +136 Stashbot (andrewbogott: shutting down mariadb on cloudbackup2001-dev, testing the waters for T328079)
     20:15  Swift/How To diffhist +1 Bking (grammar fix)
 m   18:37  MariaDB/Primary switchover diffhist 0 Quiddity (fix team name :>)
     16:49  Server Lifecycle diffhist +125 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (→‎Rename while reimaging: add warning about steps not required)
     16:32  SRE/SRE tooling diffhist +182 Jelto (add requestctl)
 m   16:26  Sandbox-votesting diffhist +1 Onfirebot (updating roster table)
     15:43  Wikidata Query Service/Streaming Updater diffhist +161 Bking (add cmd for configmap destroy)
     15:05  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +513 Stashbot (taavi: drain and reboot tools-k8s-worker-74 which seems to have some issues with nfs)
     14:33  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +184 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (307f302) - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     13:55  Add a wiki diffhist +275 Jforrester (Replace links to Diffusion to actual code host, gerrit.)
     13:36  Kubernetes/Kubectl/Cheat Sheet diffhist +37 Effie Mouzeli (→‎Run a cronjob manually)
N    10:37  MariaDB/Changing user passwords diffhist +853 Ladsgroup (→‎wikiuser and wikiadmin)
 m   09:27  Service restarts diffhist −67 Vgutierrez (Fix Cassandra (as used in aqs, sessionstore and restbase) indentation)
     09:26  Nova Resource:Admin-monitoring/SAL diffhist +89 Stashbot (taavi: deleting instances leaked by T327980)
     08:28  Incidents/2022-12-18 World Cup diffhist +80 Jcrespo (→‎Scorecard: calculating new score)
     07:26  MariaDB/misc diffhist −13 Jcrespo (→‎m1: racktables removed)
     07:03  SRE/Data Persistence/Databases/Runbooks diffhist +140 Ladsgroup
     06:56  News/Toolforge Grid Engine deprecation diffhist +10 Quiddity (lang=text (?))
N    06:54  Incidents/2023-01-24 sessionstore quorum issues‎‎ 2 changes history +7,624 [Quiddity‎; Eevans‎]
06:54 (cur | prev) +10 Quiddity (lang=text)
01:14 (cur | prev) +7,614 Eevans (a new theory...)
     06:35  Nova Resource:Library-upgrader/SAL diffhist +117 Stashbot (legoktm: libup@upgrader-06:/srv/libraryupgrader$ pip install -U wikimediaci-utils hotfix)
     03:22  Update the interwiki cache diffhist −2 Meno25 (update link)
 m   02:33  Performance/Guides/Backend performance practices diffhist +3 Krinkle
     01:47  Cookies diffhist +377 Krinkle
     01:24  Server Admin Log diffhist +35,241 Stashbot (ejegg: payments-wiki upgraded from 15395d05 to 08b8c3bc (upgraded from MW 1.35 to MW 1.39))
N    00:16  User:Kappakayala diffhist +24 Kappakayala (Created page with "Kavitha Appakayala page.")
 m   00:02  Map of database maintenance diffhist −405 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

25 January 2023

     23:08  Fundraising/Cluster/Deployments diffhist −31 Cstone (→‎Deploying SmashPig in Donation Interface)
     22:26  Nova Resource:Tools.lingua-libre-bot/SAL diffhist +417 Stashbot (wm-bot: <pamputt> [git] Update the bot to 152fbd5. The impossibility to edit should be fixed. Add support for kuwiktionary and orwiktionary - orwiktionary is disabled for now, just let some time to perform final test before full production.)
N    22:22  Category:Pages using Timeline diffhist 0 BryanDavis (blank)
     22:21  Operating system upgrade policy diffhist +370 BryanDavis (→‎Policy: Add draft line for Bookworm per which only has a plan up to hard freeze start at this point)
     21:35  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +269 Stashbot (dancy: has been re-registered as an instance-wide runner. T327949)
     20:57  Deployments‎‎ 2 changes history +1,913 [Jdrewniak‎; Acamicamacaraca‎]
20:57 (cur | prev) +711 Jdrewniak (→‎Wednesday, January 25)
00:42 (cur | prev) +1,202 Acamicamacaraca (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-25}}: +)
     20:49  Fundraising diffhist +210 Cstone (→‎Internal-facing)
     20:17  Nova Resource:Tools.iabot/SAL diffhist +105 Stashbot (taavi: increase quotas, +3 deployments and +3Gi RAM T327952)
     19:08  SLO/WDQS diffhist +171 Ryan Kemper (→‎Service Level Objectives)
 m   19:02  SRE/Infrastructure naming conventions diffhist +1,068 RLazarus
     17:59  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Trove diffhist +80 Andrew Bogott (→‎Adjusting per-project Trove quotas)
N    17:48  File:2023-01-24 sessionstore outage - save failures.png diffhist +63 BCornwall
N    17:32  Incidents/2022-10-04 jupyterhub-conda outage diffhist +4,522 LSobanski (Created page with "{{irdoc|status=draft}} == Summary == {{Incident scorecard | task = | paged-num = | responders-num = | coordinators = | start = | end = }} … <!-- Reminder: No private information on this page! --><mark>Summary of what happened, in one or two paragraphs. Avoid assuming deep knowledge of the systems here, and try to differentiate between proximate causes and root causes.</mark> {{TOC|align=right}} ==Timeline== <mark>Write a step by step outline of what happened...")
 m   17:31  SLO diffhist +1 BCornwall (→‎Examples: add missing space)
     17:22  URI path normalization diffhist 0 BCornwall (→‎Theory: move semi to mediawiki_encode_set)
N    16:38  Incidents/2023-01-24 MediaWiki‎‎ 2 changes history +61 [Eevans‎; BCornwall‎]
16:38 (cur | prev) −6,384 BCornwall (BCornwall moved page Incidents/2023-01-24 MediaWiki to Incidents/2023-01-24 sessionstore quorum issues: Clearer description of what the incident entailed)
01:12 (cur | prev) +6,445 Eevans (summary polish)
     16:37  Grafana diffhist +1,336 Herron (→‎Operations: add recovering deleted dashboard section)
     16:01  SRE/Dc-operations/Platform-specific documentation/HP Documentation diffhist +265 RobH (NetBios disabling notes)
N    15:56  User talk:Heavysnowjakarta diffhist +683 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
N    15:55  User talk:Lens0021 diffhist +675 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     15:15  Switch Datacenter diffhist +339 Clément Goubert (→‎Upcoming and past switches: Added scheduling for March 2023 switchover)
     15:00  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +144 Stashbot (Rook: deploy nginx config as configmap 1b418695b7fc04050e4ab278642f2f26875eddef T322205)
     14:37  Nova Resource:Clouddb-services/SAL diffhist +176 Stashbot (dhinus: clouddb1001 unlock tables; (T301949))
     12:49  Template:Interface/Navigation2.css diffhist −4 Jobo
     11:24  WMDE/Wikidata/PropertySuggester update diffhist −56 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) (remove obsolete checksum comparison step)
 m   04:33  Schema changes diffhist +1 Krinkle (→‎Wikimedia projects)
     01:17  Server Admin Log diffhist +48,935 Stashbot (legoktm: adjusting Gerrit group "Campaigns Team" so it is not recursively a member of itself)
N    00:04  File:2023-01-24 outage successful wiki edits - grafana.png diffhist +49 Krinkle (Krinkle uploaded a new version of File:2023-01-24 outage successful wiki edits - grafana.png)
 m   00:02  Map of database maintenance diffhist +434 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

24 January 2023

     23:45  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +1,873 Wbm1058 (→‎Custom log files: Two more Phabs resolved)
N    22:56  File:Sessionstore - Grafana Dashboard 2023-01-24.png diffhist +45 Eevans
     22:08  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +342 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: Drop fundraising/REL1_35 jobs, everything has moved to REL1_39 now T326372)
     20:33  Tool:Jouncebot diffhist +119 Samtar (→‎Commands: add comment on nowandnext)
     20:05  Performance/Metrics diffhist −106 Krinkle
     20:04  Performance/Runbook/Webperf-processor services diffhist +99 Krinkle
Nm   18:58  Sandbox-votesting diffhist +11,883 Onfirebot (updating roster table)
     18:52  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +368 Stashbot (Rook: remove unused lighthttpd.conf 0c92944008e9b17426c7bd08e25946b0a175f8d9 T322064)
     18:28  Deployments/Yearly calendar/2023 diffhist +299 Thcipriani
     17:59  Wmf-sre-laptop diffhist +307 EoghanGaffney (Update docs to include the correct package name)
     16:53  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/System Overview diffhist +401 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (introduce use case section and rename the key components one)
     16:30  Template:Toolforge nav diffhist −7 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (jobs framework no longer beta)
     16:08  User:BCornwall/Incident action items risk assessment diffhist +20 BCornwall (→‎Limitations of risk matrices: blockquote)
     16:01  Nova Resource:Clouddb-services/SAL diffhist +175 Stashbot (dhinus: clouddb1001 unlock tables; (T301949))
     15:49  User:Bking/Notes/Ansible to Puppet diffhist +122 Bking
     14:38  Template:Interface/Navigation2.css diffhist +25 Jobo
     14:28  Template:ERC/Interface/Navigation2 diffhist +53 Jobo
     14:11  WMDE/Wikidata/PropertySuggester update diffhist −1,777 Hoo man (Updated to use the "new" published datasets)
     12:45  Application servers/Runbook diffhist +543 Giuseppe Lavagetto (→‎Response to common alerts)
     12:18  Klaxon diffhist −7 Meno25 (update link)
     12:04  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +158 Stashbot (taavi: deploying toolforge-jobs-framework-cli v10 T327775)
     11:56  APT repository diffhist +2 Meno25 (use https)
     11:46  LVS diffhist +26 Hnowlan (→‎To see all LVS servers configured for a service: Correct file path for lvs config)
     11:42  Incidents/2023-01-17 asw-b2-codfw failure redux diffhist +37 Jcrespo (+* Data check es2020 {{phab|T327770}})
     10:20  Prometheus diffhist +37 Filippo Giunchedi (→‎Runbooks)
     10:01  Kubernetes/Administration diffhist +460 JMeybohm (→‎Switch the active staging cluster (eqiadcodfw))
     09:56  Kubernetes/Kubectl/Cheat Sheet diffhist +123 Effie Mouzeli (→‎Run a cronjob manually)
     09:47  Nova Resource:Devtools/SAL diffhist +130 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Increased quotas by 1 instances (T327750) - cookbook ran by arturo@nostromo)
     09:37  SRE/Clinic Duty diffhist +144 Alexandros Kosiaris (Add a bullet point to remove the #SRE tag for successfully triaged tasks)
     08:54  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +190 Stashbot (Krinkle: Delete cvn-apache9, T306066)
     08:28  Incidents/2023-01-14 asw-b2-codfw failure diffhist +134 Ayounsi (Added info)
     08:10  Incidents/2023-01-10 eqsin network outage diffhist +964 Ayounsi (Adding information)
     03:27  Fundraising/Internal-facing/CiviCRM diffhist +676 Eileen (Update custom field handling)