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27 November 2021

N    21:10  Category:Pages with long-term issues diffhist +30 Quiddity added Category:Pages with issues using HotCat
N    21:09  Category:Tools with license issues diffhist +30 Quiddity Created page with "Category:Pages with issues"
     20:53  SRE/Infrastructure naming conventions diffhist −28 Majavah →‎Servers: update wmcs statuses
     19:55  Server Admin Log diffhist +1,043 Stashbot andrew@deploy1002: Finished deploy [horizon/deploy@6115b3b]: network UI updates for T296548 (duration: 04m 14s)
     12:09  ORES/Deployment diffhist +182 Elukey →‎Update wheels
     04:36  Deployments diffhist +411 4nn1l2 →‎{{Deployment_day|date=2021-11-29}}: +1

26 November 2021

N    19:04  Incident documentation/2021-11-23 Core Network Routing diffhist +2,580 Cathal Mooney
N    16:38  Data Engineering/Team/Onboarding diffhist +12,621 Btullis Small changes to bring it up to date and reflect the new team name.
     16:24  Analytics/Team/Onboarding diffhist −13,052 Btullis Btullis moved page Analytics/Team/Onboarding to Data Engineering/Team/Onboarding: Reflecting team name change
     16:24  Talk:Analytics/Team/Onboarding diffhist −467 Btullis Btullis moved page Talk:Analytics/Team/Onboarding to Talk:Data Engineering/Team/Onboarding: Reflecting team name change
     16:11  Server Admin Log diffhist +4,657 Stashbot arnoldokoth: drain kubestage1002 node in prep for decommissioning
     16:03  Kubernetes/Clusters/Add or remove nodes diffhist +253 AOkoth --delete-local-data option
     15:51  API Gateway diffhist −220 Hnowlan →‎In development: echoapi is gone
     14:51  Puppet/Pontoon diffhist +309 Filippo Giunchedi →‎Team collaboration and git branches
     14:15  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +278 Stashbot hashar: deployment-prep: database updating job is broken since 6:20 UTC due to a segmentation fault | T296539
     14:13  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +111 Stashbot wm-bot: <chicocvenancio> Kick bridgebot to see if it stops duplication in telegram
     13:51  Nova Resource:Mailman/SAL diffhist +96 Stashbot Amir1: running T286552 schema changes in the cloud
     10:27  Incident documentation/2021-11-25 eventgate-main outage diffhist +29 Jelto
     09:49  User:Atsirlin/page5 diffhist +10,819 Atsirlin upd
     09:17  Deployments diffhist +290 Majavah →‎{{Deployment_day|date=2021-11-30}}: add 2 to puppet

25 November 2021

     21:37  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +211 Stashbot chicocvenancio: rollback singleuser to PR #96 T295257
     21:34  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +101 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed baef3a16f6 (l10n updates)
     20:44  Server Admin Log‎‎ 2 changes history +81,492 [Stashbot‎ (2×)]
20:44 (cur | prev) +25,467 Stashbot ladsgroup@cumin1001: dbctl commit (dc=all): 'Depooling db1160 (T296143)', diff saved to and previous config saved to /var/cache/conftool/dbconfig/20211125-204357-ladsgroup.json
00:37 (cur | prev) +56,025 Stashbot pt1979@cumin2002: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.reimage (exit_code=0) for host elastic2066.codfw.wmnet with OS buster
N    15:36  Incident documentation/2021-11-25 eventgate-main outage diffhist +2,365 Jelto add eventgate-main outage documentation
     14:45  Ping offload diffhist +47 Ayounsi →‎Deployment
     12:51  Cassandra diffhist +312 Hnowlan →‎Monitoring: Remove obsolete references, update links
N    12:24  User talk:Zixuan Dai diffhist +678 StrikerBot Welcome to Toolforge!
     09:48  Network cheat sheet diffhist +89 JMeybohm →‎Operational mode commands
     03:13  Fundraising/Data and Integrated Processes/Acoustic Integration diffhist +8,864 Eileen →‎Export fields
     03:09  Fundraising/Data and flow/PSP integrations/Adyen Checkout diffhist +588 Cstone →‎IPN messages
N    02:43  File:Scary message.png diffhist +31 Eileen

24 November 2021

     23:54  Fundraising/Data and Integrated Processes/Acoustic Integration diffhist +2,546 Eileen
     22:49  Ganeti diffhist +226 Dzahn →‎Listing cluster nodes
N    22:16  User talk:Euglou diffhist +14 Euglou Created page with "{{Use{{purge}}"
N    21:45  User:Euglou diffhist +237 Euglou Created page with "{{Top icon|image=Photostudio@1636319934678.jpg|imagename=star|link=|wikilink={{Talk}}|name=eugstar|description=user page|maincat=patrolled|subpage=User talk:Euglou|usercat=mark as reviewed}}"
     20:03 diffhist +258 Legoktm link to grafana
     18:17  Help talk:Toolforge diffhist +857 BryanDavis →‎Support for ASGI?: Reply
     18:01  Nova Resource:Tools.notwikilambda/SAL diffhist +729 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> renamed $wgWikiLocation to $wgWikiLambdaWikiAPILocation in local settings T296421, and also changed it to internal hostname (notwikilambda:8000), no need to go through the Toolforge proxy
     16:59  Service restarts diffhist −219 JMeybohm →‎Docker-registry: remove special case for registry2001
     16:53  IP and AS allocations diffhist +63 Ayounsi add cloudsw private AS
     15:49  User:Accraze/MachineLearning/Local Kserve diffhist +318 Accraze →‎Knative: added registriesSkippingTagResolving configmap info
     15:29  Incident documentation/2021-10-29 graphite diffhist +124 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) →‎What went poorly?: add
     15:12  Kubernetes/Clusters/New diffhist +424 Klausman →‎Calico node/controllers
     13:52  Nova Resource:Tools.wd-image-positions/SAL diffhist +122 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 61e649c853 (fix error for some IIIF manifests)
     12:25  Deployments diffhist +37 Awight →‎{{Deployment_day|date=2021-11-24}}: All deployed except for an accidental mw-core patch.
     11:19  SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/About diffhist −54 Jobo
     10:50  Netbox diffhist −545 Ayounsi remove →‎Juniper Report
     06:21  Nova Resource:Tools.ldap/SAL diffhist +113 Stashbot wm-bot: <legoktm> Switched to read-only LDAP servers, moved webservice to Python 3.9