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7 December 2021

     00:10  Server Admin Log diffhist +7,404 Stashbot cwhite: end codfw opensearch upgrade T288621

6 December 2021

N    23:48  Incident documentation/2021-12-03 mx diffhist +9,643 Dzahn
     22:24  Nova Resource:Tools.sal/SAL diffhist +115 Stashbot wm-bot: <bd808> Restarted webservice, $HOME/error.log showed fcgi resource exhaustion.
     21:43  Tendril diffhist +85 Aklapper Tendril to be replaced by Orchestrator - see phab:T96499
     20:30  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +563 Stashbot dancy: Deleted publish-to-doc1001 Jenkins job
     19:51  User:AKhatun/Wikidata Subgraph Query Analysis diffhist +8,831 AKhatun →‎Subgraph connectivity through queries: Fix numbers
     19:47  Deployments diffhist +392 Bartosz Dziewoński →‎Tuesday, December 7: +
     19:26  Incident response diffhist +202 Dzahn == Creating the public incident doc == After all this someone should write the public incident report here on Wikitech. Use the form on Incident_status to create either a full or a short report.
 m   18:04  Logstash diffhist 0 Urbanecm →‎Beta Cluster Logstash: it's deploy03 now
     17:10  News/Cloud VPS 2021 Purge diffhist +105 Clarakosi
N    15:40  File:Subgraph pair heatmap.png diffhist +230 AKhatun Heatmap of the number of queries that use a subgraph pair, where both x and y axis represent subgraph indices (names of subgrahps not shown due to space)
N    15:01  Data Engineering/Ops week diffhist +20,345 Ottomata →‎Things to do every Tuesday
     15:00  Analytics/Ops week diffhist −20,278 Ottomata Ottomata moved page Analytics/Ops week to Data Engineering/Ops week: Team rename
N    14:57  File:Subgraph pair dist.png diffhist +448 AKhatun AKhatun uploaded a new version of File:Subgraph pair dist.png
N    13:27  File:NumQuery vs numSubgraph.png diffhist +169 AKhatun The number of queries accessing multiple subgraphs together (for the 341 largest subgraphs).
     13:23  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +141 Stashbot majavah: root@toolserver-proxy-01:~# systemctl restart apache2.service # working around T293826
     13:14  User:SRodlund/servicedecisions (staging) diffhist −10 Aklapper typofix
 m   10:57  Envoy diffhist −1 Btullis →‎Runtime configuration: Typo
N    09:35  File:Imp ua dist censored.png diffhist +446 AKhatun User agents from each subgraph who query drastically more (>=10% difference) than other user agents in the same subgraph, and perform at least 100k queries (0.05% of all queries) a month were isolated. A list of ~30 such user agents was found. A plot with subgraph distributions of all these user agents was observed to find some large buckets where they tend to query.
     09:19  Icinga diffhist −5,945 Filippo Giunchedi Remove obviously outdated information
     09:18  File:2021-11-25-varnish-http500.png diffhist 0 Jelto Jelto uploaded a new version of File:2021-11-25-varnish-http500.png
     09:17  File:2021-11-25-eventgate-statistics.png diffhist 0 Jelto Jelto uploaded a new version of File:2021-11-25-eventgate-statistics.png
     09:17  File:2021-11-25-mediawiki-exceptions.png diffhist 0 Jelto Jelto uploaded a new version of File:2021-11-25-mediawiki-exceptions.png
     08:33  Nova Resource:Project-proxy/SAL diffhist +81 Stashbot majavah: deleting stretch proxies (proxy-01 and -02)
N    07:47  File:Ua vs subgraph.png diffhist +264 AKhatun Scatter plot showing how many user agents query\nhow many different subgraphs (in log scale). This is only for the top 341 subgraphs in Wikidata which form 90% of the triples of Wikidata.
     07:22  Nova Resource:Tools.mjolnir/SAL diffhist +70 Stashbot wm-bot: <legoktm> Updating uatu to v0.1.8

5 December 2021

     16:13  Nova Resource:Tools.pbbot/SAL diffhist +101 Stashbot wm-bot: <peterbowman> pretty-ref: don't turn {{Uwagi}} into <references>
     05:31  Nova Resource:Discourse/runbooks diffhist +305 Gergő Tisza
     04:29  News/Cloud VPS 2021 Purge diffhist +685 Cicalese →‎mwstake
     04:10  Deployments diffhist +95 Juan90264 →‎{{Deployment_day|date=2021-12-06}}: +1 config Gerrit [743533]