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17 May 2022

 m   00:48  User:AndreaWest/WDQS Testing/Running TFT diffhist +1,881 AndreaWest (→‎Testing Overview)

16 May 2022

     23:30  Nova Resource:Tools.svgtranslate-test/SAL diffhist +88 Stashbot (wm-bot: <samwilson> Fixed up command in jobs.yaml)
     22:14  Server Admin Log diffhist +16,328 Stashbot (jhathaway@cumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) for 1:00:00 on with reason: exim debugging)
 m   20:47  Event Platform/Instrumentation How To diffhist −1 Nettrom (→‎Viewing schema validation errors: looks like a closing parenthesis snuck in there)
     20:26  Debian Packaging diffhist −1 JHathaway (small fixes)
     20:05  Deployments diffhist +770 Clare Ming (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2022-05-17}})
     19:31  Nova Resource:Deployment-prep/SAL diffhist +302 Stashbot (inflatador: bking@deployment-elastic07 halted deployment-elastic07 in beta ES cluster; will decom on Friday T299797)
     19:31  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +396 Stashbot (inflatador: bking@deployment-elastic07 halted deployment-elastic07 in beta ES cluster; will decom on Friday T299797)
     17:32  Nova Resource:Quarry/SAL diffhist +827 Stashbot (Rook: 788438: Use vars.qrun_id when stopping query | 43f7f0c9f56ac01f1a92b200769ddbe782055381)
     16:36  VictorOps diffhist −9,609 Herron (Migrating to Splunk On-Call article)
N    16:34  Splunk On-Call diffhist +10,236 Herron (Created page with "Splunk On-Call (formerly [ VictorOps]) is the paging/notification/engagement solution used by SRE, WMCS and others (since June 2020). == How to == === Set up as a new user === You have received an invitation from Splunk On-Call. At the invitation stage you will be asked for a few information: your VO username, password and “displayed name”. Additionally a phone number for SMSes, although that can be safely skipped and can be added later. === L...")
     15:35  GitLab/Upgrade diffhist +4 AOkoth (→‎Upgrade GitLab Debian package: - bullseye)
     15:09  Incidents/2022-05-01 etcd diffhist +54 RLazarus (link to etcd SLO)
     14:02  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +183 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (7037eca) - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     13:34  Analytics/Systems/Superset diffhist +59 Razzi (→‎Test a different role's permissions)
     13:23  Analytics/Systems/Archiva diffhist +254 Milimetric (→‎Uploading Dependency Artifacts)
 m   12:42  User:Beginneruser diffhist +5 Beginneruser
 m   11:26  Analytics/Systems/DataHub diffhist +3,636 Btullis (Moved the screenshot to the right)
     09:36  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +109 Stashbot (dcaro: restarted reload-acme-chief-backend.service to ensure certs are refreshed)
N    09:21  File:Datahub screenshot.png diffhist +40 Btullis
     07:57  Analytics/Systems/Airflow/Developer guide diffhist +439 Aqu (Add variable example)

15 May 2022

     23:50  Nova Resource:Tools.stewardbots/SAL diffhist +242 Stashbot (wm-bot: <anticomposite> Deploy d92b3c1, restart SULWatcher)
     21:47  Server Admin Log diffhist +1,183 Stashbot (aqu@deploy1002: Finished deploy [airflow-dags/analytics_test@378e7ca]: (no justification provided) (duration: 00m 07s))
     21:30  Nova Resource:Tools.integraality/SAL diffhist +428 Stashbot (wm-bot: <jeanfred> Deploy 3a675b6)
     20:14  Analytics/Systems/Airflow/Developer guide diffhist +3,341 Mforns (→‎Spark Submit Operator)
     19:55  Deployments diffhist +933 Stang (→‎Week of May 16: + 8)
     17:06  Help talk:Access to Toolforge instances with PuTTY and WinSCP diffhist +929 Wbm1058 (→‎Bastion hosts: new section)
 m   16:54  HTTPS/Browser Recommendations diffhist +38 Remagoxer (add w11, misc grammar fixes)
     16:08  Nova Resource:Tools.wd-image-positions/SAL diffhist +138 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed b2fea9010f (image scaling support, better width+height+srcset))
N    15:53  User:Wisecrown diffhist +15 Wisecrown (Administration)
 m   04:00  Server admin log/2008-09 diffhist +4 MABot (Bot: Fixing double redirect to Server Admin Log/Archive 12b)
 m   04:00  Server admin log/2008-08 diffhist +4 MABot (Bot: Fixing double redirect to Server Admin Log/Archive 12a)

14 May 2022

     23:48  Deployments diffhist −761 Jforrester (→‎Monday, May 23: Schedule
     23:19  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +246 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: Add Dreamy_Jazz to CI allow list)
 m   22:13  Help:Toolforge/Raw kubernetes jobs diffhist +14 Danilo (→‎Virtualenv and pywikibot: corr)
     21:44  User:AndreaWest/WDQS Testing/Running TFT diffhist +1,129 AndreaWest
     20:25  Nova Resource:Deployment-prep/SAL diffhist +96 Stashbot (urbanecm: add TheresNoTime (samtar) as a project member per request)
     20:09  User talk:Wbm1058 diffhist +143 Wbm1058 (→‎Welcome to Tool Labs: link to my request)
N    17:30  Analytics/Systems/Airflow/Developer guide diffhist +30,234 Mforns
     16:17  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +123 Stashbot (andrewbogott: restarting acme-chief.service on paws-acme-chief-01 for T308383)
     14:38  Nova Resource:Tools.integraality/SAL diffhist +140 Stashbot (wm-bot: <jeanfred> Deploy 2a521d1, 29d6b62, 8bd793d (T257942))
     11:39  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +281 Majavah (→‎Creating scheduled jobs (cron jobs): note about balancing load, don't use "every minute" as an example)
     11:33  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +103 Stashbot (taavi: deleted projects 'ores' and 'ores-staging' T308102)
     10:47  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +80 Stashbot (taavi: hard reboot unresponsible tools-sgeexec-0940)
     08:34  Server Admin Log diffhist +205 Stashbot (jynus@cumin1001: dbctl commit (dc=all): 'Depool db1172', diff saved to and previous config saved to /var/cache/conftool/dbconfig/20220514-083421-jynus.json)
 m   05:45  SRE/Traffic/Ownership diffhist +4 KOfori
N    02:02  Nova diffhist +839 Samwilson (jobs)
 m   02:00  Deployments/Archive/2022/05 diffhist +12,721 DeploymentCalendarTool (Add last week)
     01:52  Nova diffhist +118 Stashbot (wm-bot: <samwilson> Set up scheduled jobs for download (daily) and import (every 3 hours))