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27 May 2022

     00:45  Server Admin Log diffhist +31,398 Stashbot (mutante: rsyncing /srv/gitlab-backup from gitlab1004 to gitlab2002 | systemctl status full-backup progress on gitlab1001 - T274463)

26 May 2022

     23:15  Talk:Puppet Hiera diffhist +242 RoySmith (→‎hiera.yaml no longer used?: Reply)
     22:25  OpenSearch diffhist 0 Cwhite (update instructions for 2.0)
     21:38  Incidents/2022-05-21 - varnish cache busting diffhist −41 Krinkle
     21:31  Template talk:Navigation sidebar diffhist +289 Krinkle (→‎Edit links pointing to wrong target: reply)
     21:29  Incident response/Full report template diffhist −14 Krinkle (→‎Actionables: leave a non-mark bullet point so that it's easier to type there and remove the other, hard to remove <mark> otherwise within VE)
     21:28  Incident response/Lightweight report template diffhist −43 Krinkle (→‎Actionables: leave a non-mark bullet point so that it's easier to type there and remove the other, hard to remove <mark> otherwise within VE)
     20:47 diffhist +242 BryanDavis (→‎Monitoring: new section)
     20:34  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +101 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 24d9b273c5 (l10n updates))
     19:59  Deployments diffhist +907 Gergő Tisza (→‎Thursday, May 26)
     19:48  Incidents/2022-05-2 deployment diffhist −2,527 Quiddity (Quiddity moved page Incidents/2022-05-2 deployment to Incidents/2022-05-02 deployment: fix naming for list order)
     19:10  Nova Resource:Striker/SAL diffhist +132 Stashbot (bd808: Deleted legacy stretch instances which had been shutdown for ~4 weeks (T306096))
     18:33  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +267 Stashbot (dancy: Updated Jenkins beta-* job configs)
     18:21  Nova Resource:Commtech/SAL diffhist +147 Stashbot (balloons: quota set --cores 10 --ram 18432 T309202)
     16:24  SRE/Clinic Duty diffhist 0 LSobanski (→‎Schedule)
     16:14  Help:Toolforge/Grid diffhist +110 BryanDavis (→‎External Links: interwiki link, clarify what this is the source code for)
     15:39  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +211 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (e6fa299) (T309146) - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     15:38  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +184 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (e6fa299) - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     13:25  Help:Toolforge/Jobs framework diffhist +151 Huji
     12:03  Nova Resource:Tools.wd-image-positions/SAL diffhist +191 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed e878def771 (two CSS improvements))
     00:58  Server Admin Log diffhist +49,509 Stashbot (mutante: gitlab1001 - T308089 T274463 - gitlab1001 - systemctl start full-backup)
     00:19  User:AndreaWest/Blazegraph Features and Capabilities diffhist +2,195 AndreaWest (→‎SPARQL Functional Extensions: Discussed GeoSPARQL geometries and added detail on migrating the Blazegraph functions)

25 May 2022

     22:06  Analytics/Systems/AQS diffhist +1,001 Milimetric
     21:42  Kubernetes/Enabling TLS diffhist 0 BryanDavis (→‎Create and place certificates: for better copypasta)
     21:34  Deployments diffhist +971 Gergő Tisza (→‎Monday, May 30)
     21:26  Developer Portal diffhist +1,154 BryanDavis (→‎Production deployment: new section)
N    21:15  User talk:Mabualruz diffhist +41 Mabualruz (Created page with "== Moh'd Khier Hussein Hasan Abualruz ==")
N    21:15  User:Mabualruz diffhist +40 Mabualruz (Created page with "== Moh'd Khier Hussein Hasan Abualruz ==")
N    21:03 diffhist +30 BryanDavis (Redirected page to Developer Portal)
     20:35  Fundraising diffhist −59 Aklapper (→‎Feature / Bug Trackers)
     20:12  Kubernetes/Ingress diffhist +52 BryanDavis (→‎Configuration (for service owners): k8s-staging + port 30443 needed for staging)
     20:01  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +175 Stashbot (balloons: clean up cinder backup a bit, restart service due to network outage)
N    19:28  Incidents/2022-05-09 exim-bdat-errors diffhist +4,297 JHathaway
N    19:25  Incidents/2022-05-25 exim-bdat-errors diffhist +51 JHathaway (JHathaway moved page Incidents/2022-05-25 exim-bdat-errors to Incidents/2022-05-09 exim-bdat-errors: wrong date in title)
     18:38  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +225 Stashbot (TheresNoTime: (@ ~18:20UTC) samtar@deployment-mwmaint02:~$ mwscript resetUserEmail.php --wiki=wikidatawiki Mahir256 [snip] T309230)
     18:35  Nova Resource:Deployment-prep/SAL diffhist +162 Samtar (add)
     16:22  MediaWiki at WMF diffhist −1,297 Krinkle (→‎Static files: The "/static/current" route is no more, Updated docs, ref phab:T302465)
     16:14  HTTPS diffhist 0 Meno25 (update link)
     16:12  HTTPS/3DES Deprecation diffhist +23 Meno25 (update link)
     16:08  HTTPS/Browser Recommendations diffhist −16 Meno25 (update link)
     15:02  Sandbox diffhist −5,560 Krinkle (Replaced content with "Foo bar == One == test test. == Two == test test == Three == test test.")
     13:43  IP and AS allocations diffhist +7 Cathal Mooney (→‎Private AS)
     13:34  LVS diffhist +84 Filippo Giunchedi (→‎Create an entry in the service::catalog)
     12:21  Analytics/Systems/Airflow diffhist +156 Joal (Add airflow developer guide link)
N    11:16  User talk:AndreaWest/Blazegraph Features and Capabilities diffhist +2,285 Jheald (→‎Named Subqueries: new section)
     10:39  Microsites diffhist −120 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) (→‎Operation: update documentation (webserver_misc_static no longer exists since f63c29229a, which also says bromine and vega are gone))
     10:20  User:GoranSMilovanovic diffhist +6 GoranSMilovanovic
N    09:35  Bast6001 diffhist +582 Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) (create documentation – fingerprint page doesn’t exist yet, so link to general fingerprint collection instead in the meantime)
N    06:52  Incidents/2022-05-2 deployment diffhist +2,572 Elukey (Created page with "{{irdoc|status=draft}} ==Summary== {{Incident scorecard | task =T307349 | paged-num =0 | responders-num =4 | coordinators =Jaime Crespo | start =2022-05-02 11:13 | end =2022-05-02 15:21 |metrics=No relevant SLOs exist|impact=Part of the content of /srv/deployment on deploy1002, the active deployment server, got lost due to the wrong command (rm -rf) being executed. This caused a stop in deployments for the time that it took to restore the directory and sanity chec...")