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2 June 2023

     21:44  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +314 Stashbot (mutante: based on T336427#8890714 pending a response, everything already copied to gerrit1003, and extra paths being added to Bacule... shell access to gerrit1001 will be removed next week)
     21:40  Talk:SRE/business case/Disposable Development Environment diffhist +1,260 JHathaway (→‎The scope of the Dev envs isn't very clear: Reply)
     20:46  Domains diffhist +2 EpicPupper (
     20:35  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Iceberg diffhist +856 Xcollazo (Fix code bits.)
     20:26  Analytics/Data Lake/Traffic/referrer daily diffhist +1,076 Xcollazo (Document Iceberg version of referrer_daily. Mark it as experimental for now.)
     20:16  Server Admin Log diffhist +4,802 Stashbot (apergos: rsync in ariel screen session, bwlimit 100000, running on dumpsdata1003, pulling from dumpsdata1002, copying over 'other dumps')
     19:34  Event Platform/Instrumentation How To diffhist −170 Ottomata (→‎Instrumentation Event Stream Lifecycle Example: removed WIP message)
     19:00  SRE/SRE Team requests diffhist +22 Aklapper (uhm, keep previous link name)
     18:05  NTP diffhist +487 Sukhbir Singh (add monitoring)
     14:49  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Build Service diffhist +14,441 David Caro
     14:40  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +2,438 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Restarting openstack services on cloudcontrol2001-dev: ['nova-conductor', 'nova-scheduler', 'nova-api', 'nova-api-metadata', 'cinder-scheduler', 'cinder-volume', 'neutron-api', 'neutron-rpc-server', 'trove-api', 'trove-conductor', 'trove-taskmanager', 'keystone', 'keystone-admin', 'glance-api', 'magnum-api', 'magnum-conductor', 'heat-api', 'heat-api-cfn', 'heat-engine'] - cookbook ran by arturo@nostromo)
     14:03 Upload log Imported>David Caro uploaded File:TBS components diagram.png(Diagram of the components of the toolforge build service)
N    14:03  File:TBS components diagram.png diffhist +70 David Caro (Diagram of the components of the toolforge build service)
N    13:42  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Runbooks/ToolsToolsDBReplicationLagIsTooHigh diffhist +1,873 David Caro (Created page with "=== Overview === This happens when the secondary toolsdb host is not able to catch up with the primary one. {{Remark|The procedures in this runbook require admin permissions to complete.|reminder}} === Error / Incident === This usually comes in the form of an [ alert in alertmanager]. There you will get which instances are involved (secondary, primary). === Debugging === You can ssh...")
     13:32  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Runbooks/HarborDown diffhist +48 David Caro
     12:51  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Kubernetes/Certificates diffhist +34 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (→‎Operations: refresh steps with newer path for the ssl files in the ops/puppet git tree)
     12:49  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Runbooks/TektonDown diffhist +948 David Caro (→‎Old incidents)
N    12:46  Search Platform/Weekly Updates/2023-06-02 diffhist +2,969 Gehel (Created page with "= Summary = We spent some time this week to deal with the aftermath of our recent WDQS outages. In particular, we are now equipped to diagnose and block problematic queries faster. Our work on SLOs for Search is unlikely to be completed this quarter. We now have a good working definition of what we want to measure, but we will need help to implement metric collection and create the appropriate dashboards. This is unlikely to be done before the end of the quarter. = Wha...")
     11:25  Portal:Toolforge/Admin diffhist +66 David Caro (→‎Kubernetes)
     09:17  SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/Team diffhist −1,137 Jobo
     08:31  IPoid diffhist +117 Kosta Harlan
     07:58  Portal:Data Services/Admin/Runbooks/Enable NFS for a project diffhist +1,248 David Caro (→‎Overview)
     02:11  Fundraising/Data and flow/Recurring‎‎ 2 changes history +1,946 [Cstone‎ (2×)]
02:11 (cur | prev) +1,653 Cstone (→‎Monthly Convert)
01:09 (cur | prev) +293 Cstone

1 June 2023

     21:06  Server Admin Log‎‎ 2 changes history −870,575 [Stashbot‎; Nhatminh01‎]
21:06 (cur | prev) +30,280 Stashbot (samtar@deploy1002: Finished scap: Backport for Remove deleted config wgVectorStickyHeaderEdit (T337955) (duration: 08m 30s))
00:18 (cur | prev) −900,855 Nhatminh01 (Moved sections to Server_Admin_Log/Archive 66 using SectionMover)
     20:03  Miscweb diffhist +37 Krinkle
     20:00  Superset diffhist +191 Nskaggs (Add image demonstrating dashboard publication)
N    19:49  Analytics/Systems/Cluster/Iceberg diffhist +5,805 Xcollazo (First dump of Iceberg effort at WMF.)
     19:45 Upload log Imported>Nskaggs uploaded File:Publish Dashboard on Superset.png
N    19:45  File:Publish Dashboard on Superset.png diffhist +74 Nskaggs
     18:50  Analytics/Cluster diffhist +538 Xcollazo
     16:31  MediaWiki Event Enrichment diffhist +151 Ottomata (Added link to page/change schema)
     15:54  Kubernetes/Clusters/Add or remove nodes diffhist +167 JMeybohm (→‎Step 3: Add to calico)
     15:45  Kubernetes/Clusters/New diffhist −1,943 JMeybohm (→‎Components: New hiera layout for kubernetes clusters)
     14:41  MediaWiki and EtcdConfig diffhist +36 Krinkle (+Category:SRE Service Operations)
     14:41  Statsd diffhist +31 Krinkle (+Category:SRE Observability)
     14:40  Nutcracker diffhist +36 Krinkle
     14:40  Memcached for MediaWiki/mcrouter diffhist +36 Krinkle
     14:29  HTTP proxy diffhist +142 Eevans (A word (or two) on getting ant to respect proxy settings)
     13:51  Kubernetes/Add a new service diffhist −1,231 JMeybohm (→‎Create deployment user/tokens: is not required anymore)
     13:48  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +372 Stashbot (James_F: doc: `sudo -u doc-uploader rm -rf /srv/doc/cover-extensions/GWToolset/` for T337062)
     13:47  Talk:PAWS diffhist +806 Vivian Rook (→‎Any objections to advertise the OpenRefine instance on Wikimedia PAWS more widely?: Reply)
     13:27  Nova Resource:Cloudinfra/SAL diffhist +239 Stashbot (dhinus: cloud-cumin-04 successfully restored from backup (T332734))
     13:15  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Instance backups diffhist +17 FNegri (Run rbd commands from cloudcontrol, as in rbd they fail because of a missing keyring)
     11:42  Kubernetes/Kubectl diffhist +303 Kamila Součková (→‎Using kube_env: add info about admin user)
     11:42  Help:Using Terraform on Cloud VPS diffhist +154 Majavah (→‎Terraform provider)
     11:42  Kubernetes/Kubectl/Cheat Sheet diffhist −209 JMeybohm (→‎Get elected master component leaders)
     10:07  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +722 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (7e57832) (T337218) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
     10:04  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +1,230 Stashbot (wm-bot2: deployed kubernetes component (7e57832) (T337218) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
N    09:43  Incidents/2023-05-30 Unintentional +2 on a config patch without deployment diffhist +3,683 Filippo Giunchedi (Created page with "{{irdoc|status=draft}} == Summary == {{Incident scorecard | task = | paged-num = 0 | responders-num = Amir | coordinators = | start = 2023-05-26 | end = 2023-05-30 | impact = A patch to mediawiki-config was accidentally +2'd and not immediately deployed }} … <!-- Reminder: No private information on this page! --><nowiki></nowiki> was accidentally +2'd and not immediately deployed, leading to conf...")
     09:30  Reporting a connectivity issue diffhist +1,013 Ayounsi (→‎Additional troubleshooting)
     08:47  Event Platform/EventStreams diffhist +65 Chlod Alejandro (wikimedia-streams filtering)
     01:47  Fundraising/Data and Integrated Processes/Acoustic Integration diffhist +1,193 Ejegg
N    00:21  Server Admin Log/Archive 66 diffhist +937,106 Nhatminh01 (→‎2023-05-01: add)
     00:19  Server Admin Log/Archives diffhist +55 Nhatminh01 (→‎2020s: add)
     00:00  Deployments diffhist +1,823 Daimona Eaytoy (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-06-01}}: +1)

31 May 2023

     20:28  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +143 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 1ec8c72304 (Russian adjectivse: remove compound lexical categories))
     20:00  Performance/Runbook/Arc Lamp service diffhist −1 Krinkle
     19:59  XHGui diffhist −23 Krinkle
     19:24  Dumps/Dumpsdata hosts diffhist +237 ArielGlenn (→‎XML Dumpsdata hosts: update primary nfs share, add more spares to the list)
     19:04  Fundraising/External-facing/E-mail preference center diffhist +814 Ejegg
     15:53  Performance/Runbook/Webperf-processor services diffhist +180 Krinkle
     14:37  Search Platform/Accountability diffhist +329 Gehel (→‎Other components)
     14:05  Nova Resource:Tools.stewardbots/SAL diffhist +112 Stashbot (wm-bot: <anticomposite> SULWatcher/ restart # All SULWatchers disconnected)
     13:38  Data Engineering/Ops week diffhist +267 Aqu (Add wikistats weekly check instructions)
     13:21  MediaWiki Event Enrichment diffhist +104 Ottomata (Added link to SLO)
     13:09  Event Platform/Schemas/Guidelines diffhist +420 Ottomata (→‎No union types / No null values)
N    12:27  User:Wmr-bot diffhist +310 Wmr-bot
     11:56  MediaWiki Event Enrichment/SLO/Mediawiki Page Content Change Enrichment diffhist +142 Ottomata (→‎Troubleshooting)
N    09:56  User talk:Nsws diffhist +667 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     09:35  Nova Resource:Tools.urbanecmbot/SAL diffhist +76 Stashbot (taavi: bump quotas per T337183)
     09:31  Nova Resource:Wikiwho/SAL diffhist +138 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Increased quotas by 24 cores, 124928 ram (T336685) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
     09:26  Help:Toolforge/Developing successful tools diffhist +248 FNegri (→‎Sharing files via NFS: Clarify read and write access to a tool's code)
N    09:06  User talk:NgocAnMaster diffhist +675 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     08:35 diffhist 0 EoghanGaffney
     07:05  Ganeti diffhist +256 Slyngshede
     06:31  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> Double IRC messages to other bridges)
     02:38  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +102 Stashbot (andrewbogott: rebooted tools-sgeweblight-10-16, T337806)
     00:28  Fundraising diffhist +61 Cstone (→‎External-facing)
N    00:27  Fundraising/External-facing/CiviProxy diffhist +1,983 Cstone (Moved from mediawiki)

30 May 2023

     23:52  Gerrit/Running in Cloud VPS diffhist +141 Dzahn (The following instructions are outdated. Gerrit does not use MySQL anymore. It keeps all the data in in the local file system in .h2 files.)
     23:38  Server Admin Log diffhist +49,924 Stashbot (zabe@deploy1002: Finished scap: Backport for Start reading from rev_comment_id in group1 wikis (T299954) (duration: 08m 00s))
     23:00  MariaDB/misc diffhist +84 Krinkle
     21:50  Incidents/2023-05-05 wdqs not updating in codfw diffhist −89 Bking
     21:17  SLO/logstash diffhist −14 Cwhite (elastic->open)
     19:09  Template:Navigation Event Platform diffhist +205 Ottomata
     18:57  Nova Resource:Tools.copypatrol/SAL diffhist +103 Stashbot (TheresNoTime: `webservice restart` for T337791, no effect)
     18:35  Portal:Data Services/Admin/Wiki Replicas diffhist +632 Samtar (→‎Step 5: setting indexes: update link to wikireplicas/index-conf.yaml)
N    18:17  Event Platform/Stream Processing/Use cases diffhist +8,485 Ottomata (Moved from
N    18:15  Event Platform/Stream Processing/Framework Evaluation diffhist +14,878 Ottomata (Copied in from
N    17:50  MediaWiki Event Enrichment/SLO/Mediawiki Page Content Change Enrichment diffhist +3,742 Ottomata (→‎Operational)
     15:05  Deployments diffhist +1,195 Kimberly Sarabia (→‎Tuesday, May 30)
     14:49  VRT System/Failover diffhist +466 AOkoth
     12:43  SLO/Lift Wing diffhist +814 Klausman (→‎Calculate the ideal targets: Re-word to reflect consensus reached in the team meeting)
     12:43  Envoy diffhist +117 Jbond (→‎Building envoy for WMF)
     12:01  Server Lifecycle diffhist −27 Cathal Mooney (→‎Move existing server between rows/racks, changing IPs)
     11:47  User:Jbond diffhist −19 Jbond (→‎Comments)