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26 September 2021

 m   00:04  Caching overview diffhist 0 Quiddity typo
 m   00:04  Analytics/AQS/Pageviews/Pageviews per project diffhist +43 Quiddity fix file params
 m   00:01  Help:Manage floating IP addresses assigned to Cloud VPS instances diffhist −9 Quiddity rm unused file params

25 September 2021

 m   23:58  User:Resident Mario diffhist −6 Quiddity rm font tags
 m   23:55  User talk:Andrew Bogott diffhist −57 Quiddity rm font tags
 m   23:48  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +34 Quiddity nowiki
 m   23:47  WMDE/Wikidata/Caching diffhist +1 Quiddity fix unclosed tag
     23:45  Template:Service Operations/Navigation diffhist −21 Quiddity rm empty span
     23:45  Template:Traffic/Navigation diffhist −20 Quiddity rm empty span
     23:44  Template:Observability/Navigation diffhist −20 Quiddity rm empty span
     17:13  Nova Resource:Tools.notwikilambda/SAL diffhist +1,400 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> cleaned up old replicasets: kubectl delete rs $(kubectl get rs -o json | jq -r ".items |.[] | select(.status.replicas == 0) |")
     14:48  Nova Resource:Tools.ranker/SAL diffhist +76 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-3.7
     14:48  Nova Resource:Tools.quickcategories/SAL diffhist +76 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-3.7
     14:47  Nova Resource:Tools.pagepile-visual-filter/SAL diffhist +112 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-python3.4 venv-python3.5 venv-python3.7
     14:46  Nova Resource:Tools.speedpatrolling/SAL diffhist +271 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-3.4 venv-3.5 venv-3.7
     14:46  Nova Resource:Tools.wd-image-positions/SAL diffhist +164 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-3.5 venv-3.7
     14:45  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +248 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-3.7
     02:48 diffhist +6 Quiddity (ignore prev. Confused by new-vector >.< )
 m   02:00  Deployments/Archive/2021/09 diffhist +12,452 DeploymentCalendarTool Add last week
 m   02:00  Deployments diffhist −1,155 DeploymentCalendarTool Remove Week of September 20
     02:00  Server Admin Log diffhist +374 Stashbot legoktm@deploy1002: helmfile [codfw] Ran 'sync' command on namespace 'shellbox-timeline' for release 'main' .
 m   01:58  HTTPS diffhist +10 Jforrester Proper noun is proper.
     01:54  Template:Ptag diffhist −58 Quiddity rm style override which was pushing this down somehow
N    01:48  Template:Badge/doc diffhist +827 Quiddity copy newer version from mw:Template:Badge/doc
     01:45  Template:Badge diffhist −16 Quiddity copy newer version from mw:Template:Badge
N    01:43  Template:Badge/styles.css diffhist +124 Quiddity copy from mw:Template:Badge/styles.css
     01:25  MediaWiki at WMF diffhist +6,515 Krinkle →‎Static files: The long and short of it. Mostly copied from my comment at phab:T285232.
     00:43  Cdn diffhist −18 Krinkle Changed redirect target from Help:Toolforge/Web#External assets to Caching overview
     00:42  Caching overview diffhist +98 Krinkle
N    00:41  CDN diffhist +30 Krinkle Redirected page to Caching overview

24 September 2021

     23:19  How to deploy code diffhist +127 Krinkle
N    22:37  User:Razzi/2021-09-24 diffhist +12,370 Razzi
N    21:52 diffhist +2,677 BryanDavis →‎Production deployment: link to helm chart and helmfile.d config
N    21:21  Talk:Set up browser tests using the Mediawiki docker set up diffhist +337 BryanDavis →‎Move to mw:MediaWiki-Docker/Configuration recipes?: new section
     21:00  MariaDB diffhist +36 BryanDavis →‎Miscellaneous: update m5 hosted db list, add anchor for deep linking
     20:48  Toolhub diffhist −873 BryanDavis BryanDavis moved page Toolhub to Move from project name to service name to match normal conventions for deployed things
     20:19  Kubernetes/Troubleshooting diffhist +22 BryanDavis s/WMCS/Toolforge/
     20:00  Server Admin Log diffhist +10,338 Stashbot volker-e@deploy1002: Finished deploy [design/style-guide@362c6b1]: Deploy design/style-guide: 362c6b1 “Components”: Fix index link (#489) (duration: 00m 06s)
     19:20  Template:Navigation MediaWiki deployment diffhist 0 RhinosF1 Update roadmap
     18:58  Nova Resource:Tools.notwikilambda/SAL diffhist +299 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> tried to deploy new pygments-server with support for latest SyntaxHighlight; not quite working yet, but as pages with SyntaxHighlight still work (just without highlighting), I’m okay to leave it at this for now, and hopefully resume tomorrow
     17:40  HTTP proxy diffhist −9 BryanDavis tweak wording; interwiki links
     17:27  Url-downloader diffhist −18 BryanDavis →‎See also: interwiki link to phab
     16:02  HTTPS/2021 Let's Encrypt root expiry diffhist −4,108 Legoktm redirect to Meta to avoid having two copies
     15:41  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +241 Stashbot dpifke: Cherry-picking and latest in deployment-prep. Should only affect deployment-webperf11.
N    15:27  Maps/v2/Deployment diffhist +167 Jgiannelos →‎Details
     14:51  User:BryanDavis/Kubernetes diffhist +318 BryanDavis →‎Tail logs for multiple pods/containers: new section
N    14:46  Nova Resource:Wikiwho/SAL diffhist +122 Stashbot dcaro: Created new project (T290768)
N    14:36  Nova Resource:Wikiwho diffhist +112 Labslogbot Auto update of instance info.