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31 January 2023

     00:50  Server Admin Log diffhist +57,101 Stashbot (brett@cumin1001: conftool action : set/pooled=yes; selector: name=cp5027.eqsin.wmnet)
 m   00:01  Map of database maintenance diffhist +3,505 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

30 January 2023

N    23:48  User talk:GrapheSuppression diffhist +684 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     23:29  Deployments diffhist +932 Dreamy Jazz (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-31}}: +)
     23:23  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +384 Stashbot (James_F: Zuul: [mediawiki/services/kartotherian] Rename jobs to 'publish' for T327332)
     22:53  Incidents/2023-01-10 eqsin network outage diffhist +352 Andrea Denisse (→‎Scorecard)
     22:50  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +106 Stashbot (Krinkle: Delete cvn-app8 and cvn-app9 instances, ref T306066)
     22:34  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +276 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Upgraded and rebooted host - cookbook ran by andrew@bullseye)
N    22:08  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Ownership diffhist +1,570 Nskaggs (Preliminary page outline)
     21:33  User:Nskaggs diffhist −14,112 Nskaggs (Replaced content with "See instead.")
     20:26 diffhist −12 BryanDavis (→‎History: words)
     20:25  Configuration files diffhist +791 Gergő Tisza (→‎InitialiseSettings.php: mention + and -)
     20:13  Incidents/2023-01-14 asw-b2-codfw failure diffhist +2 Andrea Denisse (→‎Scorecard)
     20:11  Performance/Runbook/Arc Lamp service diffhist +21 Krinkle
     20:06  Fundraising/Cluster/Deployments diffhist +140 Cstone (→‎Deploying to payments)
 m   17:57  SRE/Oncall/Schedule‎‎ 2 changes history −1,254 [Onfirebot‎ (2×)]
17:57 (cur | prev) −201 Onfirebot (updating roster table)
00:57 (cur | prev) −1,053 Onfirebot (updating roster table)
     17:19  GitLab diffhist +82 AOkoth
     17:06  Incidents/2023-01-24 sessionstore quorum issues diffhist −366 BCornwall (→‎Actionables: Remove marks)
Nm   15:37  User:Milimetric/Zarchive/DataResearch/VisualEditor diffhist +655 Milimetric (Milimetric moved page User:Milimetric/DataResearch/VisualEditor to User:Milimetric/Zarchive/DataResearch/VisualEditor without leaving a redirect)
Nm   15:37  User:Milimetric/Zarchive/Gobblin diffhist +3,666 Milimetric (Milimetric moved page User:Milimetric/Archive/Gobblin to User:Milimetric/Zarchive/Gobblin without leaving a redirect)
     15:36  User:Milimetric/Gobblin diffhist −3,621 Milimetric (Milimetric moved page User:Milimetric/Gobblin to User:Milimetric/Archive/Gobblin)
Nm   15:36  User:Milimetric/Notebook/Data pipeline options for tracking reuse diffhist +2,181 Milimetric (Milimetric moved page User:Milimetric/Data pipeline options for tracking reuse to User:Milimetric/Notebook/Data pipeline options for tracking reuse without leaving a redirect)
Nm   15:35  User:Milimetric/Notebook/PET code jam 2021 09 diffhist +12,321 Milimetric (Milimetric moved page User:Milimetric/PET code jam 2021 09 to User:Milimetric/Notebook/PET code jam 2021 09 without leaving a redirect)
     15:34  User:Milimetric diffhist +135 Milimetric
 m   15:06  SRE/Infrastructure naming conventions diffhist 0 Clément Goubert (→‎Kubernetes)
N    14:51  User:Sbailey diffhist +540 Sbailey (Created page with "SBAILEY testing linter errors: Here we have a new page supposedly with spaces in the title <b>foo misnested tag<i> bad bar </b> baz </i> [ File:Foobar.jpg an_image] <i> foo misnested tag<b> bad b bar </i> baz </b> <b> foo misnested again tag<i> bad bar </b> baz </i> <b>foo misnested tag<i> bad bar </b> baz </i> [ File:Foobar.jpg an_image] <i> foo misnested tag<b> bad b bar </i> baz </b> <b> foo misnested again...")
     14:36  Metrics Platform/Identifiers diffhist +251 Phuedx (Clarify that session IDs are per-domain on MediaWiki.)
     14:12  Metrics Platform/FAQ diffhist +66 Emil Chetty (updated timetable)
     13:51  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +260 Stashbot (Rook: Set 1 to = 1 for nfs mounts and variables 09b036eb9dab09df39e9064cad4d18bc0db1b763 T326675)
N    13:45  Incidents/2023-01-30 kartotherian diffhist +4,809 Awight (Draft report)
     11:39  PAWS/Admin diffhist +67 Vivian Rook (→‎Deployment)
     11:02  Nova Resource:Clouddb-services/SAL diffhist +239 Stashbot (dhinus: 'SET GLOBAL read_only = 0;' after restarting mariadb in clouddb1001 (T328273))
 m   10:00  Performance/Guides/Backend performance practices diffhist −9 Krinkle (→‎Caching layers)
     09:48  SRE/Dc-operations/Hardware Troubleshooting Runbook diffhist +73 Jcrespo (→‎Dell Hardware Raid Information Gathering: link to perccli)
     09:46  MegaCli diffhist +250 Jcrespo (update links to perc and HP)
     08:56  Password and 2FA reset diffhist +16 JJMC89 (→‎For users: wmcs-kanban→cloud-services-team)
     06:10  Client errors diffhist +406 Gergő Tisza (add →‎Infrastructure: section)
 m   00:01  Map of database maintenance diffhist −425 Dexbot (Bot: Updating the report)

29 January 2023

     20:59  Deployments diffhist +186 MusikAnimal (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-01-30}}: schedule deployment of gerrit:884474)
N    19:30  User:Legoktm/update-rust-web-tool diffhist +446 Legoktm (git commit -m "Initial commit")
N    19:21  Nova Resource:Tools.upcoming-mainpage/SAL diffhist +140 Stashbot (wm-bot: <legoktm> Updated from 4ed2db5 to a62a237)
     18:17  Help:Toolforge/Python diffhist +126 Majavah (→‎Kubernetes python jobs)
     18:13  News/Toolforge Grid Engine deprecation diffhist +315 Majavah (→‎Solutions to common problems: mention)
 m   17:57  Sandbox-votesting diffhist −1,062 Onfirebot (updating roster table)
N    15:10  User:Majavah/Toolforge getting started tutorial diffhist +5,842 Majavah (wip)
     14:46  Server Admin Log diffhist +458 Stashbot (ariel@cumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.reboot-single (exit_code=0) for host dumpsdata1002.eqiad.wmnet)
     12:37  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +106 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 3ca9650fe1 (Danish adjectives))
 m   00:57  SRE/Oncall/Schedule diffhist +1,254 Onfirebot (updating roster table)