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22 March 2023

     00:57  Server Admin Log diffhist +22,655 Stashbot (zabe@deploy2002: Finished scap: update interwiki cache (duration: 07m 02s))

21 March 2023

     23:59  IC diffhist +8 RLazarus (Changed redirect target from Incident response to Incident response/Runbook)
     23:41  Fundraising/Data and flow/Failmail zoo diffhist +506 Cstone (→‎Turning off the fail mail per payment processor)
     22:59  Fundraising/Data and flow/PSP integrations/dLocal diffhist +365 Cstone (→‎Audits)
     22:58  Fundraising/Data and flow/Audits diffhist +59 Cstone (→‎Astropay)
     20:59  Prometheus diffhist +590 Cwhite (→‎Adding new metrics: add reference to prometheus-es-exporter and short description of how to test)
     19:38  Deployments diffhist +324 Bartosz Dziewoński (+)
     15:04  Puppet diffhist +748 Clément Goubert (→‎Facter: add custom fact printing code sample)
     12:44  Deployments/Holding the train diffhist +13 Jforrester (Tweak group1/group2 wording.)
     12:31  Alertmanager diffhist +425 Jbond (→‎Continuous Integration (CI))
     12:21  Nova Resource:Tools.wdmm/SAL diffhist +243 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister-wmde> deployed ba986e3595 (add .mailmap; pulled without webservice restart))
     10:37  MediaWiki On Kubernetes diffhist +339 Clément Goubert (→‎How to force a full rebuild of the image: New scap commands for deployment)
     09:59  Performance/Runbook/Webperf-processor services diffhist +75 Phedenskog (Added codfw as example too.)
N    09:25  User talk:Davesh0 diffhist +672 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
N    09:17  User talk:Eugrus diffhist +671 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     09:04  Switch Datacenter/DeploymentServer diffhist −86 Clément Goubert (Remove deprecated scap locking mechanism)
     09:02  Switch Datacenter diffhist −79 Clément Goubert (→‎Phase 9 - Post read-only: Remove deprecated scap unlock mechanism)
     08:11  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +120 Stashbot (wm-bot2: cleaned up grid queue errors on tools-sgegrid-master - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)

20 March 2023

     22:00  Server Admin Log diffhist +20,528 Stashbot (samtar@deploy2002: Finished scap: Backport for Add languages to Minerva HTML (T331905) (duration: 09m 45s))
     21:43  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +111 Stashbot (brennen: phabricator: setting sbassett to administrator per T331928)
     21:35  Deployments diffhist +490 Samtar (→‎Week of March 20)
     21:19 diffhist −1 Aklapper (→‎Service)
     20:35  Data Engineering/Systems/Airflow/Developer guide diffhist +400 Ebernhardson (→‎On-Disk Fixtures)
N    19:59  Toolsdb diffhist +52 Legoktm (Redirected page to Help:Toolforge/Database#User databases)
     17:35  Analytics/Cluster/Spark/Migration to Spark 3 diffhist +2 Xcollazo
     16:34  Parsoid diffhist 0 Arlolra (Bump tags from 17 to 18)
     14:45  Switch Datacenter/DeploymentServer diffhist −6 Ahmon Dancy (Changed sync-file to sync-world.)
     14:25  Cumin diffhist +61 Clément Goubert (→‎Troubleshooting Production issues: Add log location)
     14:06  Application servers/Runbook diffhist +1,694 Clément Goubert (→‎Logging: Add php-fpm slowlog)
     13:39  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +225 Stashbot (wm-bot2: cleaned up grid queue errors on tools-sgegrid-master - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     13:12  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +133 Stashbot (Rook: move paws to k8s 1.23 b1d0daeb20cfeb6981653d65e44cf6175eded539 T328489)
N    12:31  User talk:FPA1981alumni diffhist +678 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     12:24  Template:Dir/doc diffhist +1,343 Verdy p
     12:18  Template:Dir diffhist +905 Verdy p
     12:17  SRE/Dc-operations/Platform-specific documentation/Dell Documentation diffhist +116 RobH (→‎Urgent Firmware Revision Notices:)
     11:48  Kubernetes/Troubleshooting diffhist +950 BryanDavis (→‎Exec into a pod and run commands: Add note that this requires being a global root user)
     11:32  Wikimedia IDM/Design diffhist +1,243 Slyngshede (→‎design overview)
     10:34  User:Emijrp diffhist +198 Emijrp (→‎Basic commands)
     09:51  Nova Resource:Tools.stewardbots/SAL diffhist +77 Stashbot (wm-bot: <urbanecm> Deploy d95dac4ea26)
     00:53  Nova Resource:Tools.guc/SAL diffhist +98 Stashbot (Krinkle: Add Majavah to
N    00:11  Module talk:TNT diffhist +45 Verdy p

19 March 2023

     22:34  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +595 Stashbot (TheresNoTime: (beta) `samtar@deployment-kafka-logging01:~$ sudo systemctl restart kafka.service`, noticed beta-logs wasn't showing logs from ~14:00UTC in T332507)
     21:40  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +109 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed cf1e031a43 (l10n updates: fi, tt))
     20:31  Template:Uselang diffhist −17 Verdy p
     20:26  Template:Dir diffhist −2 Verdy p
     20:24  Template:Dir/doc diffhist +1,300 Verdy p
N    19:59  User:Verdy p diffhist +86 Verdy p (Created page with "See my main Wikimedia wiki (with SUL enabled) on Wikipedia:fr:Utilisateur:Verdy_p.")
     18:27  Server Admin Log‎‎ 2 changes history +1,820 [Stashbot‎ (2×)]
18:27 (cur | prev) +466 Stashbot (AndyRussG: update config (to re-enable old PayPal orphan slayer job) 27a5b481 -> 6359222d)
00:17 (cur | prev) +1,354 Stashbot (fab@deploy2002: Finished deploy [airflow-dags/research@5edcd7b]: (no justification provided) (duration: 00m 05s))
     16:49  Dumps/Dumpsdata hosts diffhist +224 ArielGlenn (→‎Hardware: update with at least the right names of primary and fallback hosts)
     15:45  Talk:Server Admin Log diffhist −3 Nintendofan885 (Update Mastodon)
     09:32  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +120 Stashbot (wm-bot2: cleaned up grid queue errors on tools-sgegrid-master - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     09:32  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +124 Stashbot (wm-bot2: cleaned up grid queue errors on toolsbeta-sgegrid-master - cookbook ran by taavi@runko)
     07:27  Deployments/Holding the train diffhist +535 Gergő Tisza (→‎Issues that hold the train: attempt to add T321160#8707621 to the page, feel free to rework or revert)

18 March 2023

N    13:45  User talk:Kizule diffhist +671 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     12:47  Deployments diffhist +263 Kizule (Moving patches which I and Aca have scheduled, from afternoon to morning backport window)
     10:40  File talk:Wikimedia network overview.png diffhist +435 Tacsipacsi (→‎Move this file to Commons?: Reply)
     08:58  Help:Using Terraform on Cloud VPS diffhist +289 Majavah
     06:57  News/Cloud VPS 2022 Purge diffhist −2 Ybendahan (→‎SHUTDOWN glamwikidashboard)
     01:21  Server Admin Log diffhist +6,879 Stashbot (urandom: powercycling restbase2025 — T332462)

17 March 2023

     23:00  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +272 Stashbot (urbanecm: deployment-prep: Reboot deployment-elastic10, deployment-elastic11 (T332455))
     22:10  Maintenance server diffhist +22 Brion VIBBER (update active maint servers)
     20:36  Tool:Stashbot diffhist −6 Legoktm (→‎See Also: update this link too)
     20:02  Nova Resource:Wikisource/Wikisource Export diffhist +19 Tpt (+fonts-opendyslexic)
     19:51  Nova Resource:Tools.stashbot/SAL diffhist +133 Stashbot (bd808: Updated to 7b49263 and switched Mastodon config to send to
N    16:01  User talk:Sushrut1101 diffhist +676 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     15:56  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +130 Stashbot (andrewbogott: truncating .out, .err, and .log files to 10MB in anticipation of moving the NFS volumes)
N    15:30  Search Platform/Weekly Updates/2023-03-17 diffhist +1,519 Gehel (Created page with "= Summary = We are mostly on track to deliver what we planned for Q3. * The Spark 3 upgrade might slip by a few weeks to finalize the deployment, but code should be ready before the end of the quarter. * The Search Update Pipeline work was identified early as too ambitious for this quarter and will continue as planned in Q4. * We are very close to having unpacked all of our Elasticsearch analysis chains, which will enable us to roll out future improvements to all languag...")
     15:28  Machine Learning/LiftWing/KServe/DeployLocal diffhist +2,785 AikoChou (Add a guide to install Minio and deploy the enwiki-goodfaith inference service)
     14:43  ReleasingToMavenCentral diffhist +320 Gehel (Added link to the discovery-parent-pom build and release processes.)
N    14:23  Wikimedia IDM/Design diffhist +3,079 Slyngshede (Created page with "== design overview == The Wikimedia IDM (Bitu) is implemented as a [ Django project], consisting of a number of custom "app" in Django terminology. The current target version of Django is 3.2, as this version ships with Debian Bullseye. Currently implemented apps are: * accounts * keymanagement * ldapbackend * requisitions (partly implemented) * signups === accounts === This app serves as a specialization of the Django user model, followi...")
     13:18  IP and AS allocations diffhist +111 Ayounsi (add k8s community)
N    12:43  Setup a new network device diffhist +1,165 Cathal Mooney (→‎Initial setup)
     10:57  MediaWiki On Kubernetes diffhist +171 Giuseppe Lavagetto
N    06:30  User talk:MarcoAurelio/Archives/2023 diffhist +352 MABot (Bot: Archiving 1 thread from User talk:MarcoAurelio)
     02:33  Performance/Guides/ conventions diffhist +1 Quiddity (minor copyedits)
     02:30  Performance/Guides/Monitor production errors diffhist +6 Quiddity (minor copyedits)
     02:25  Performance/Guides/Measure backend performance diffhist 0 Quiddity (minor copyedits)
     02:21  Performance/Guides/Frontend performance practices diffhist +18 Quiddity (minor copyedits)
     02:14  Performance/Guides/Backend performance practices diffhist +18 Quiddity (some minor copyedits)
     01:05  Server Admin Log diffhist +22,974 Stashbot (sukhe@cumin2002: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.remove-downtime (exit_code=0) for lvs2010.codfw.wmnet)

16 March 2023

     19:36  Deployments diffhist +599 Samtar (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2023-03-16}}: move 900399 to next backport, fairly sure it was mistakenly added to a past window)
     19:05  Fundraising/Data and flow/PSP integrations/dLocal diffhist +743 Cstone (→‎India Recurring)
     18:15  Nova Resource:Tools.stewardbots/SAL diffhist +281 Stashbot (wm-bot: <anticomposite> SULWatcher/ start # All SULWatchers disconnected)
     17:38  Netbox diffhist +184 Ayounsi (→‎Netbox Extras)
     17:08  Fundraising/Team processes/DRI/Chores diffhist +1,286 Dwisehaupt (make the pave more wiki native)
     16:47  Machine Learning/LiftWing diffhist +874 Elukey (→‎Stages for a model on Lift Wing)
     14:46  Application servers/Runbook diffhist −149 Clément Goubert (→‎Service Ops)
     13:34  Prometheus diffhist +468 Filippo Giunchedi (→‎Runbooks: Document pool/depool)
     13:13  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +109 Stashbot (Rook: pywikibot version bump 6de17dbcbeba8da9e79cfae637945f7da4afc851)
     11:22  SRE/Clinic Duty diffhist −397 LSobanski (→‎Responsibilities)
     10:48  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +668 Stashbot (hashar: Updating all jobs to switch Castor from Stretch to Bullseye based image | | T278203)
     09:40  Performance/Guides/Backend performance practices diffhist −933 Krinkle (→‎Percentiles)
     00:46  Nova Resource:Tools.stashbot/SAL diffhist +101 Stashbot (wm-bot: <bd808> Updated to 1390137 (T332198))
     00:44  Nova Resource:Tools.stashbot/SAL/Test diffhist +113 Stashbot (bd808: lol. I forgot that this channel is actively logged. oops)
N    00:26  User:Unison diffhist +2,731 Unison (Created page with "'''Unison Audio Free MIDI Packs''' Unison Audio [](Free MIDI Packs) are created to assist you in crafting amazing music. Each collection offers a wealth of sounds, chord progressions, and melodies that can be used to craft captivating tracks across many genres. These MIDI Files were professionally produced by professional musicians and inspired by some of today's biggest hits across various beat-making genres. So, you can rest assured that...")

15 March 2023

N    23:34 diffhist +2,638 (Created page with "'''Unison Audio Review - Is the Unison MIDI Chord Pack Worth Your Money?''' Unison Audio is a music production software company that offers various tools and products to help you take your production skills to the next level. Their flagship product, the Unison MIDI Chord Pack, is an extensive library of MIDI files designed to make chord progressions simpler to use, even for those without advanced knowledge of music theory. The MIDI files are compatible with most DAWs, in...")
     22:55  Server Admin Log diffhist +40,538 Stashbot (tzatziki: Removing 1 file for legal compliance)
     22:19  AQS 2.0 diffhist −4,721 Alex Paskulin (→‎API documentation: Condense and de-duplicate)
     18:34  Deployments diffhist +924 Bartosz Dziewoński (+)
N    17:02  MOSS diffhist +64 Legoktm (point people in the right direction)
     16:46  Nova Resource:Paws/SAL diffhist +303 Stashbot (Rook: Install Wikimedia Commons extension for OpenRefine aaae2fd0fb198fcf37efaba3d910fd0306c6763b Install Wikimedia Commons extension for OpenRefine)
     16:33  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Iteration on network isolation diffhist −11 Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (not a draft)
     16:30  Machine Learning/LiftWing diffhist +662 Elukey (→‎Example (Python))
     16:16  API Gateway diffhist +240 Elukey (→‎Staging)