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2 July 2022

     00:45  Server Admin Log diffhist +30,284 Stashbot (ladsgroup@cumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) for 6:00:00 on db1140.eqiad.wmnet with reason: Maintenance)

1 July 2022

     23:47 diffhist +91 Krinkle (→‎Service)
     22:14  Search/S3 Plugin Enable diffhist +1,998 Bking
     21:50  Doc1001 diffhist +18 Krinkle (Redirected page to
     21:39  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +100 Stashbot (Krinkle: cvn-app8: kill CVNBot14.exe and two (!) procs for CVNBot18.exe)
     20:29  Nova Resource:Video/SAL diffhist +117 Stashbot (andrewbogott: rebooting all VMs to switch NFS mounts to the new project-local nfs server)
     19:48  Analytics/Systems/Airflow/Developer guide diffhist +190 Xcollazo (→‎Artifacts: Add link to python example-job-project.)
     16:15  Deployments diffhist +94 Kosta Harlan (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2022-07-05}})
     15:35  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +3,845 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Finished rebooting the cloudnet nodes ['cloudnet2006-dev', 'cloudnet2005-dev'] - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
     14:18  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Decision record How to manage quotas in Toolforge Build service diffhist −3,225 David Caro (David Caro moved page Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Decision record How to manage quotas in Toolforge Build service to Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Decision record T304060 How to manage quotas in Toolforge Build service: Moving to standard name)
N    14:17  Wikimedia Cloud Services team/EnhancementProposals/Decision record T310598 Team oncall alerting schedules and processes diffhist +5,427 David Caro (Created page with "'''<big>Origin task</big>''': phab:T310598 '''<big>Date of the decision</big>''': 2022-06-29 '''<big>People in the decision meeting (alphabetical order)</big>''': * User:Andrew_Bogott * User:David_Caro * User:Nskaggs * User:Vivian_Rook * User:Komla_Sapaty * User:BryanDavis * User:Slavina_Stefanova * User:Raymond_Ndibe == Decision taken == Option 1 was chosen, using 3UTC to 15UTC time bands. It was decided to move Bryan only to the...")
     11:51  Help:Toolforge/My first Flask OAuth tool diffhist +24 Sebastian Berlin (WMSE) (Update secret key to use Python 3 print syntax and secrets module)
     01:56  Nova Resource:Tools.stewardbots/SAL diffhist +105 Stashbot (AntiComposite: stewardbots/StewardBot/ restart -- bot disconnected)
     01:39  Server Admin Log diffhist −776,405 Stashbot (krinkle@deploy1002: Synchronized tests/: I60edfb0f60 (1/3) (duration: 03m 32s))
     00:30  Server Admin Log/Archives diffhist +56 Nhatminh01 (→‎2020s: archive 54)
N    00:29  Server Admin Log/Archive 54 diffhist +820,142 Nhatminh01 (→‎2022-06-01: archive)
N    00:23  User:Nhatminh01/common.js diffhist +76 Nhatminh01 (install global.js)

30 June 2022

     22:16  Deployments diffhist +1,077 DDesouza
N    22:03  Search/S3 Plugin Enable/Beta Env diffhist +544 Bking (→‎S3 Plugin Test Environment (beta))
     22:02  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +358 Stashbot (TheresNoTime: unstuck beta-mediawiki-config-update-eqiad jobs, will comment at T72597)
N    18:47  User talk:Geertivp diffhist +672 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     18:17  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +533 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Rebooted cloudnet host cloudnet2005-dev.codfw.wmnet - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
     18:08  Search/S3 Plugin Enable diffhist +1,118 Bking
N    17:51  Incidents/2022-06-30 asw-a4-codfw accidental power cycle diffhist +2,565 Jcrespo (7)
     17:50  Incidents/2022-06-21 asw-a2-codfw accidental power cycle diffhist +104 Jcrespo (→‎Scorecard: 8)
     17:19  Talk:Puppet/Coding and style guidelines diffhist +205 BCornwall (→‎Moving this under Puppet and splitting up the content: done)
     17:18  Puppet/Testing diffhist −472 BCornwall (→‎Common errors: Remove section headings, use more compact format)
     15:23  Analytics/Systems/Airflow/Airflow testing instance tutorial diffhist +93 Milimetric (→‎Kerberos Considerations)
     14:59  Media storage/Backups diffhist +5,654 Jcrespo (clarifications)
     14:18  Portal:Toolforge/Admin diffhist +276 David Caro (→‎What makes a root/Giving root access)
N    08:46  File:Media backups architecture.png diffhist +188 Jcrespo (Slide from the Media backups project presentation summarizing its architecture and components. Copyright: Wikimedia Foundation / Jaime Crespo)
     08:17  Anycast diffhist +365 Ayounsi (→‎How?)
     07:25  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> Double IRC messages to other bridges)
     07:23  Nova Resource:Wikibase-registry/SAL diffhist +84 Stashbot (toan: stretch instance deleted T306105)
N    03:54  Performance/Runbook/AS Report diffhist +43 Krinkle (Redirected page to Performance/AS Report#Service)
N    03:53  Performance/AS Report‎‎ 2 changes history +6,290 [Krinkle‎ (2×)]
03:53 (cur | prev) +1,466 Krinkle
01:44 (cur | prev) +4,824 Krinkle (Mostly copied from the README of
     03:44  Asoranking diffhist −615 Krinkle (Redirected page to Performance/AS Report)
     03:41  Performance/Runbook/Webperf-processor services diffhist +303 Krinkle (→‎site)
     01:36  Server Admin Log diffhist +52,007 Stashbot (pt1979@cumin2002: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.reimage (exit_code=0) for host db2158.codfw.wmnet with OS bullseye)

29 June 2022

     21:43  Deployments diffhist +1,126 Clare Ming (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2022-06-29}})
     20:02  Performance/Runbook/Grafana best practices diffhist +47 Krinkle (+SRE/Observability/Dashboard guidelines)
     20:02  SRE/Observability/Dashboard guidelines diffhist +65 Krinkle
     20:01  Template:Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure diffhist +226 Krinkle
     20:01  SRE/Observability/Documentation diffhist +54 Krinkle (+{{Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure|expand=logging}})
     20:00  Media storage/Backups diffhist −3 Krinkle
     19:58  Logstash diffhist +32 Krinkle (+Category:SRE Observability)
     19:57  OpenSearch Dashboards diffhist +54 Krinkle (+Category:SRE Observability Category:Services)
     19:57  Thanos diffhist +108 Krinkle (+Category:SRE Observability)
     19:57  Prometheus diffhist +212 Krinkle
     19:57  Alertmanager diffhist +77 Krinkle (+Category:Services)
     19:55 diffhist +55 Krinkle (+{{Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure|expand=logging}})
     19:42  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +110 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 6ac757a997 (Igbo verbs + pronouns))
     19:42  Statsd diffhist 0 Krinkle
     18:57  Talk:Puppet Hiera diffhist +402 BCornwall (Proposal to move under Puppet section)
N    18:10  Puppet/Testing diffhist +27,898 BCornwall (Remove self-redirect)
N    18:09  Puppet/testing diffhist +28 Dzahn (Dzahn moved page Puppet/testing to Puppet/Testing: 18:07 < brett> AFAIK subpages should be a separate sentence-case)
     18:02  Puppet coding/testing diffhist −27,906 Dzahn (Dzahn moved page Puppet coding/testing to Puppet/testing: requested by Brett )
N    17:56  Talk:Puppet/Testing diffhist +38 BCornwall (BCornwall moved page Talk:Puppet/Testing to User talk:BCornwall/asdf)
     17:13  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Skill matrix diffhist +495 Raymond Ndibe (Added column for Raymond)
     17:03  Puppet/Pontoon diffhist +89 BCornwall (Add categories)
N    17:00  Help:Main Page diffhist +253 BCornwall (Created page with "The '''Help:''' Wikitech namespace contains end-user-facing documentation from the Wikimedia Cloud Services team. The remaining production documentation belongs under the '''Main:''' namespace.")
     16:56  Puppet testing diffhist −7 BCornwall (Changed redirect target from Puppet coding/Testing to Puppet/Testing)
     16:55  Puppet coding/Todo diffhist −5,806 BCornwall (BCornwall moved page Puppet coding/Todo to Obsolete:Puppet coding/Todo: Last updated nearly a decade ago)
N    16:42  User talk:Sergio Gimeno diffhist +677 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     16:39  Puppet coding/Testing diffhist −1,429 BCornwall (Set redirect to new page)
N    16:28  Puppet/Local environment diffhist +28 BCornwall (BCornwall moved page Puppet/Local environment to Puppet/Testing: Will be w:Wikipedia:Merging Puppet/Local environment and Puppet coding/Testing into a common article)
N    16:17  Puppet/Coding and style guidelines diffhist +39,822 BCornwall (Contents w:WP:SPLIT to Puppet/Local environment)
     16:03  Puppet coding diffhist −42,038 BCornwall (BCornwall moved page Puppet coding to Puppet/Coding and style guidelines: Organizing Puppet-related items under one parent)
     16:03  Talk:Puppet coding diffhist −8,951 BCornwall (BCornwall moved page Talk:Puppet coding to Talk:Puppet/Coding and style guidelines: Organizing Puppet-related items under one parent)
     15:58  Gerrit diffhist −217 BCornwall (Moved version checking command to Gerrit/Administration)
     15:04  Wikifunctions/Beta Cluster diffhist +1,063 Ori
     14:48  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +200 Stashbot (ori: Clearing data from incomplete migration on Wikifunctionswiki via sql.php)
N    12:54  Editing Port Trunked Vlans in Netbox diffhist +3,333 Cathal Mooney (→‎Edit Port in Netbox)
N    12:49  User talk:Nivas10798 diffhist +674 StrikerBot (Welcome to Toolforge!)
     12:40  Anycast diffhist −58 Ayounsi (→‎Future evolution)
     12:22  Network design - Eqiad WMCS Network Infra diffhist +571 Cathal Mooney (→‎Manual Intervention)
N    12:16  File:05 save.png diffhist 0 Cathal Mooney (Cathal Mooney uploaded a new version of File:05 save.png)
N    12:11  File:02 edit port a.png diffhist 0 Cathal Mooney (Cathal Mooney uploaded a new version of File:02 edit port a.png)
N    12:03  File:04 add vlan.png diffhist 0 Cathal Mooney
N    12:03  File:03 port edit b 1q.png diffhist 0 Cathal Mooney
N    12:02  File:01 port page.png diffhist 0 Cathal Mooney