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17 August 2022

     01:23  Server Admin Log diffhist +37,026 Stashbot (pt1979@cumin2002: END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hardware.upgrade-firmware (exit_code=0) upgrade firmware for hosts ['kafka-logging2005'])
     01:00  Deployments diffhist +1,341 DDesouza (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2022-08-17}})
     00:58  Fundraising/Team processes/Tech talks diffhist +219 Cstone
     00:57  Fundraising/Cluster/Deployments diffhist +1,272 Cstone (→‎Updating the Donation Interface composer package)
N    00:37  Incidents/2022-08-16 Beta Cluster 502 diffhist +3,436 Samtar (→‎Scorecard)
     00:06  UID diffhist +2 Dzahn (→‎reserved UIDs & GIDs: fix quoting/ syntax error in example code)

16 August 2022

N    23:59  File:Varnish object lifetime.svg diffhist +82 BCornwall
     23:58  Varnish diffhist 0 BCornwall (→‎TTL: Add better graph)
N    23:45  Incidents/2022-08-16 Beta Cluster diffhist +51 Samtar (Samtar moved page Incidents/2022-08-16 Beta Cluster to Incidents/2022-08-16 Beta Cluster 502)
     22:39  Nova Resource:Admin/SAL diffhist +2,291 Stashbot (andrewbogott: replacing the now-rebuilt cloudvirt1025 in 'ceph' aggregate and removing it from the 'maintenance' aggregate)
     21:53  Incidents/2022-08-10 cassandra disk space diffhist +109 Eevans (improved(?) wording)
     20:51  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +638 Stashbot (RhinosF1: beta: is down see wikitech-l and
     20:31  Nova Resource:Wm-bot/SAL diffhist +133 Stashbot (MacFan4000: hard restart (killed procs + removed pids, then ran restart) due to bot failing to reconnect)
     19:56  Fundraising/Team processes/DRI/Rotation diffhist +120 Greg Grossmeier (update)
     19:54  Fundraising/Team processes/DRI diffhist +80 Greg Grossmeier (→‎Rotation)
     18:44  Fundraising/Team processes/Sprint Retro diffhist +159 Dwisehaupt (→‎Sprint Retro Prompts: Add plus/minus/learning prompt)
     17:47  Kafka diffhist +2,573 Ebernhardson (→‎Force a specific offset for a consumer group (more error prone))
N    17:34  Sirenbot diffhist +21 RLazarus (Redirected page to Vopsbot)
     17:28  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +107 Stashbot (taavi: fail over docker-registry, tools-docker-registry-06->docker-registry-05)
N    17:21  Incidents/2022-08-16 2022-08-16 x2 databases replication breakage diffhist +68 LMata (LMata moved page Incidents/2022-08-16 2022-08-16 x2 databases replication breakage to Incidents/2022-08-16 x2 databases replication breakage)
N    14:09  Tool:Asanack-bot diffhist +869 Majavah (→‎Maintenance)
N    13:14  Tool:AsanackBot diffhist +30 Samuel (WMF) (Samuel (WMF) moved page Tool:AsanackBot to Tool:Asanack-bot: Renaming to match bot name's case)
     12:41  Nova Resource:Wcdo/SAL diffhist +200 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Increased quotas by [OpenstackQuotaEntry(name=<OpenstackQuotaName.GIGABYTES: 'gigabytes'>, value=150)] (T314214) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
     12:36  Data Engineering/Ops week diffhist +843 Ottomata (→‎Canary alarms: added context about produce_canary_event needing to successfully run each hour)
     11:56  Caching overview diffhist +8 Krinkle (→‎2016)
     11:09  Vopsbot diffhist +2,877 Giuseppe Lavagetto
N    08:42  User talk:Julthep diffhist 0 Julthep (Created blank page)
N    08:41  User:Julthep diffhist 0 Julthep (Created blank page)
     00:18  Server Admin Log diffhist +19,280 Stashbot (tstarling@deploy1002: Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: replaceableSettings g 820247 (duration: 03m 18s))

15 August 2022

     21:55  Deployments diffhist +840 Clare Ming (→‎{{Deployment_day|date=2022-08-15}})
     21:25  Varnish diffhist +16 BCornwall (→‎Block requests from EC2: Fix grammar, change EC2 to "public clouds" since it does more than AWS)
     20:35  Fundraising/Team processes/Onboarding diffhist 0 Jgreen
     20:30  Fundraising/Data and flow/Audits diffhist −4 Jgreen
     17:48  Provenance diffhist +699 HNordeen (Adding Fundraising wrpov parameters)
     16:40  User:Ottomata diffhist +30 Ottomata
     15:48  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot (wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> Double IRC messages to other bridges)
     15:34  Fundraising/Data and flow/Monthly convert diffhist +199 Cstone
     15:18  Nova Resource:Matrix/SAL diffhist +177 Stashbot (wm-bot2: Increased quotas by [OpenstackQuotaEntry(name=<OpenstackQuotaName.FLOATING_IPS: 'floating-ips'>, value=1)] - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus)
     13:02  Thumbor diffhist +30 Krinkle
     12:29  Maps/Services deployment diffhist +70 Awight (→‎Deploy to Beta Cluster: Give beta cluster commandline)
     11:46  User:Milimetric/Notebook/Pageview Hourly diffhist +450 Milimetric (→‎Data Transformation Process)
     11:23  User:Jbond/dgit diffhist +83 Jbond
N    11:08  User:Jbond/ diffhist +35 Jbond (Redirected page to meta:User:JBond (WMF))
     10:35  Swift/Ring Management diffhist +30 MVernon (→‎Swift Ring Management: Update repository link since the repo is now under data_persistence)

14 August 2022

     22:52  User talk:BryanDavis diffhist 0 82.151.4ϑ.46 (sorry)
N    22:51  User:82.151.4ϑ.46 diffhist 0 82.151.4ϑ.46 (Blanked the page)