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17 June 2021

     23:51  SRE/SRE Team requests diffhist 0 Hasley Undo revision 1915832 by Alifsamad30 (talk)
     22:33  User talk:Mathiastck diffhist +100 Mathiastck
N    21:59  User:Alifsamad30 diffhist +79 Alifsamad30
     21:49  Server Admin Log diffhist +15,302 Stashbot legoktm: regenerating pipermail redirects to skip those with duplicate message-ids (T280731)
N    19:04  Nova Resource:Metricsinfra/Documentation diffhist +2,258 Majavah few notes about metricsinfra current state and plans
     18:40  Netbox diffhist +99 Ayounsi →‎Report Alert
     14:29  Help:Toolforge/My first Flask OAuth tool diffhist +156 Guy Keogh Undo revision 1915814 by Guy Keogh (talk) - Rm last addition, as it doesn't seem to be necessary
     11:44  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +148 Stashbot majavah: toolsbeta-puppetdb-02: stop puppetdb to free up its ram usage, start postgres process, start puppetdb up again
     10:48  Help:Standalone puppetmaster/PuppetDB diffhist −4 Jbond →‎Create a new puppetmaster
     09:02  OSM Tileserver diffhist +691 TheDJ →‎Tile refreshing
     08:53  Switch Datacenter diffhist −4 Kormat →‎Days in advance preparation: Fixing framing of passive -> active replication.
N    08:50  Single Sign On diffhist +3,432 Jbond →‎Enabling 2FA using a YubiKey
     08:14  Streamlined Service Delivery Design diffhist +116 Jcrespo →‎NodePort: + link to doc for service checker
     06:25  Deployments diffhist +106 Majavah →‎{{Deployment_day|date=2021-06-21}}: add 700160
     02:44  Nova Resource:Cvn/SAL diffhist +204 Stashbot Krinkle: flags #cvn-wikidata lozenge local_op (wikidatawiki sysop, confirmed User:1997kB)

16 June 2021

 m   21:51  SRE/SRE Team requests diffhist +27 RLazarus
     21:47  Release Engineering/SAL diffhist +223 Stashbot James_F: Zuul: Install CI for mediawiki/libs/NormalizedException T284732
     21:35  Server Admin Log diffhist +4,876 Stashbot legoktm@deploy1002: helmfile [eqiad] Ran 'sync' command on namespace 'shellbox' for release 'main' .
N    20:27  SLO/template instructions diffhist +30,841 RLazarus →‎Direct dependencies and proxies
N    20:02  SLO/template diffhist +2,501 RLazarus
     19:34  Switch Datacenter diffhist +343 Legoktm →‎Schedule of past switches: +June 2021
N    18:34  Nova Resource:Tools.grid-webservices/SAL diffhist +169 Stashbot majavah: enable kubernetes cluster monitor access for grid-webservices tool T284564
     18:20  Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Kubernetes/RBAC and PSP diffhist +12 Bstorm →‎Observer role: provide see also link to the documentation
     17:43  CAS-SSO diffhist +203 Ottomata →‎Requesting to enable U2F (if you're not in SRE)
N    17:32  Single Sign On Tutorial diffhist +28 Ottomata Ottomata moved page Single Sign On Tutorial to Single Sign On
     15:59  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +208 Stashbot wm-bot: <bd808> Updating Telegram channel nubmer for #wikipedia-no bridge (T283288)
     15:53  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +142 Stashbot majavah: add default security group rule allowing prometheus01.metricsinfra to connect to node-exporter port 9100
     15:00  OSM Tileserver diffhist +418 TheDJ
     14:50  Nova Resource:Maps/SAL diffhist +107 Stashbot thedj: initiated tile updates for old maps, which had not updated for a while.
N    14:34  User talk:Guy Keogh diffhist +1,347 StrikerBot Welcome to Toolforge!
Nm   14:32  Search/WeightedTags diffhist +11,340 DCausse →‎Querying the tags
N    12:09  User talk:Silvan Heintze diffhist +678 StrikerBot Welcome to Toolforge!
     09:20  SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/Team diffhist +102 Muehlenhoff Short intro

15 June 2021

     23:52  Nova Resource:Tools.bridgebot/SAL diffhist +259 Stashbot wm-bot: <bd808> Adding #wikimedia-sp bridge (T283308) (try #2)
     20:11  Nova Resource:Tools.lexeme-forms/SAL diffhist +329 Stashbot wm-bot: <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 0b6fed0054 (even more optional grammatical features)
     19:02  Nova Resource:Tools/SAL diffhist +181 Stashbot bstorm: cleared error status from a few queues
     17:54  Server Admin Log diffhist +4,022 Stashbot dancy: testing upcoming Scap release on beta
     16:31  Nova Resource:Tools.stimmberechtigung/SAL diffhist +86 Stashbot bstorm: truncated 26GB error.log T284964
     16:12  Nova Resource:Metricsinfra/SAL diffhist +90 Stashbot balloons: add 8 CPU/16G RAM to quota T284973
     16:10  Nova Resource:Toolsbeta/SAL diffhist +82 Stashbot majavah: set toolsbeta-bastion-05 as grid submit host
     16:08  Nova Resource:Tools.persondata/SAL diffhist +92 Stashbot bstorm: truncated 28GB person_bkl2.out T284964
     15:54  Nova Resource:Tools.robokobot/SAL diffhist +93 Stashbot bstorm: truncated 42GB virgule.err file T284964
     15:28  Nova Resource:Wm-bot/SAL diffhist +216 Stashbot MacFan4000: copied freenode channel config for #wikimedia-fundraising to libera
     15:10  Wm-bot diffhist −2,412 MacFan4000 →‎How to change the nickname of bot
     14:55  Portal:Cloud VPS/Admin/Ceph diffhist −4,094 David Caro →‎Ceph RBD
     14:39  Analytics/Systems/Maintenance Schedule diffhist −2 Razzi
     14:32  User:Razzi diffhist +57 Razzi →‎how to restart services on hadoop coordinator?: new section
N    14:02  SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/Currently working on diffhist +455 Jobo
     14:02  SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/Documentation diffhist +43 Jobo
     13:40  Template:Infrastructure Foundations/Navigation diffhist +50 Jobo