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service purpose number of machines multi-dc runs on TLS behind ATS owner team tickets / workboard puppet role !
planet RSS feed aggregator 2 yes, active/passive ganeti yes, envoy serviceops / dzahn wikimedia-planet role(planet)
install_servers OS installions 2 yes, active/active ganeti no, public role(installserver::light)
APT repos providing software packages 2 yes, active/passive ganeti no, public role(apt_repo)
Icinga monitoring other services 2 yes, active/passive metal no, monitoring tool observability icinga role(alerting_host)
Phabricator issue tracker, repos, pastebin 2 yes, active/passive metal no, monitoring tool releng / serviceops phabricator role(phabricator)
Gerrit code review 2 yes, active/passive metal no, public releng / serviceops gerrit role(gerrit)