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This page provides copy which WMF employees should feel free to use when replying to vendors.

Thank you for your interest in the Wikimedia Foundation.

We are frequently approached by vendors hoping for some of our time to discuss why we should purchase a product/service/software/solution from that company.

Before we continue this conversation, please read the instructions at the following link:

At Wikimedia Foundation, we pride ourselves with our level of accessibility to skilled technical collaborators. Your best strategy in reaching us is going to be by demonstrating the depth of your understanding of our values and preferred way of working.  Additionally, all of our infrastructure is documented and available via the link above and sub-links to that page. Unfortunately, we cannot entertain every offer to converse about every potential solution, as we get dozens of these offers weekly.

The link above also describes how we search for new vendors.  Please kindly remove my email address from your promotional/mailing/sales/contact lists.

Thank you for your interest in the Wikimedia Foundation,

We have attempted to keep this short and sweet, in hopes that salespeople will read the most important bits, and understand their homework (reading the full page).