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'''''' used to be an HTTPS proxy, providing users a secure alternative to access the wiki projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.
After the main cluster was converted to support HTTPS for all traffic, was replaced with a simple redirect service for the old URL structure. For example, redirects to
== Original service ==
{{Archive|date=2009}} provided HTTPS/SSL secured access to the Wikimedia Foundation wikis, like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc.
The service ran on the [[singer]] host in the [[Pmtpa cluster]], on Apache 2.2 with an SSL certificate and VirtualHost for <code></code>. Hits to this interface were then proxied to the internal load balancer and from there to [[Application servers|regular Apaches]] via [[apache.pmtpa.wmnet]], which serve the backend requests just like unencrypted hits.
=== Configuration ===
==== Frontend ====
Apache configuration is in <tt>/etc/apache2/</tt>
Running a custom-compiled Apache 2.2 in /usr/local/apache22
* Wikis are proxied.
* A special service IP is used.
Relevant config files...
* /etc/apache2/sites-available/ on [[singer]]
* wikimedia-ssl-backend.conf on all apaches
Modules <tt>proxy</tt> and <tt>proxy_http</tt> should be enabled with command ''a2enmod''.
Proxy defs:
<Proxy *>
    Allow from all
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /otrs !
ProxyPass /otrs-2.1.3 !
ProxyPass /otrs-web !
ProxyPass / http://apaches.pmtpa.wmnet/
ProxyVia On
==== Backend ====
For wikis, the frontend proxies to the general Apache servers in PMTPA. These hit a VHOST configured by wikimedia-ssl-backend.conf which does a rewrite match on the funny directories and sets an environment variable used by CommonSettings.php to decode the correct host.
=== Root page ===
The index page at was be editable on [ Meta-Wiki], served using mod_rewrite and extract2.php.

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