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== SRE [[:Category:SRE Observability|Observability]] documentation ==
== SRE [[:Category:SRE Observability|Observability]] documentation ==
<categorytree mode=pages>SRE Observability</categorytree>
<categorytree mode=pages>SRE Observability</categorytree>The starting point for observability resources at Wikimedia SRE.
*[ icinga.w.o/alerts]: central monitoring and alerting platform. See also [[Icinga]].
*[ Alerting infrastructure roadmap] PDF
*[ Kibana] (a.k.a. logstash): central logging platform. See also [[Logstash]].
*[ Logging infrastructure design document] PDF
*[ grafana.w.o]: central observability platform. See also [[|Grafana]].
*[[Prometheus]], recommended and supported metrics toolkit
*[[Graphite]], supported but deprecated time series framework
*[[Statsd]], supported but deprecated metrics aggregation
*[[Observability/Dashboard_guidelines]], ideas towards better dashboards

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SRE Observability documentation

The starting point for observability resources at Wikimedia SRE.