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SRE/Mailing Lists

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Please use for team-wide communications, plus the subteam ones for subteam-specific communication. Looking at ops-private's archive, it seems like its uses can be replaced by sre@ for the most part, and thus and unless there are objections, we will be filing a task for its closure. Given subscription to these groups is limited by design to the team members, the intention is for these to be used seldomly for async private communications ("agenda for our meeting next week", "OKRs due N/N", "follow up from our meeting the other day", "out sick", etc.) and not for siloing teams into their own spaces. More public mediums like Phabricator are more appropriate for anything that anyone else that could be helpful or interesting to folks across SRE, Tech, the org or the community.

All teams in SRE have a dedicated Google Group, with a working email address. This means the following can be used for emails, calendar invites, Google Docs permissions etc.

SRE Organization:

  • - all engineers, managers and directors in SRE
  • - managers and directors in SRE.

SRE Teams:

  • - Infrastructure Foundations
  • - Observability
  • - Datacenter Operations
  • - Service Operations
  • - Traffic
  • - Data Persistence

All SREs in Technology

  • - everyone in an SRE or SRE-adjacent role across all the teams in Technology. This is a partially hand-managed list, if you are outside of the SRE org and would like to be added please contact sre-mgmt@

Problems that we are trying to solve:

  • There is no easy way (without enumerating every team member) for someone in a subteam to address their peers, for a manager to address their subteam, or folks from another team to email or Cc a subteam.
  • Similarly, there is no easy way to invite a team into e.g. a recurring calendar invite and make sure that it will be kept consistent as team members come and go. We see that e.g. with the introduction of new team members and recurring team meetings. Sometimes these are even maintained by outside of SRE, e.g. Linh's invites for team meetings with the CTO.
  • ops-private@ is a legacy name from years ago when this team was called TechOps. "Operations" is gradually taking on a different meaning across the org: business operations, i.e. the COO's department. ops-private@ is another place to maintain membership, with membership criteria not even being well defined or consistently applied. Another way to phrase this is that we lack a source of truth :)
  • ops@ (aka ops-l) suffers from a lot of these problems as well, but with 130+ members it's a beast of its own, so keeping it out of scope for now.

PS: Adapted from an an e-mail by Faidon Liambotis to ops-private and sre on 2020-05-15 Subject: [sre] Google Groups & mailing lists changes for SRE