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SRE/Infrastructure Foundations/Ownership

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Service Category Description Phabricator tag Notes
Install_server Bare metal Infrastructure
Ganeti Bare metal Infrastructure
Puppet Configuration Management Systems Infrastructure part
PCC Configuration Management Systems
Puppetboard Configuration Management Systems
Debmonitor Configuration Management Systems
Homer Configuration Management Systems
Cookbooks Orchestration Tooling
Spicerack Orchestration Tooling
wmf-auto-reimage Orchestration Tooling
Debdeploy Orchestration Tooling
Conftool Orchestration Tooling
Dbctl Orchestration Tooling
Cumin Orchestration Tooling
Wmflib Orchestration Tooling
PKI Infrastructure security and packaging
CAS-SSO Infrastructure security and packaging
Reprepro Infrastructure security and packaging
Cowbuilder Infrastructure security and packaging
Netbox Infrastructure security
Netmon Infrastructure security
RPKI Infrastructure security
Cloudflare Infrastructure security
NEL Infrastructure security
Failoid Miscellanea