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For Fiscal Year 2021/2022 The Infrastructure Foundations has a number of focus areas:

Objective 1: Elevate Wikimedia's infrastructure security

KR 1: Evaluate and select additional DDoS scrubbing provider.

KR 2: Implement session termination for applications.

Objective 2: Eliminate errors and delays due to manual interventions while assuring the continuous availability of the environment

KR 1: Eliminate errors and delays due to manual interventions while assuring the continuous availability of the environment.

KR 2: Reduce the manual work required for bios configuration by 33%

Objective 3: Enable infrastructural self governance

KR 1: Framework that would allow SRE upgrade and restart any service and server autonomously.

KR 2: Pilot new framework with successful cookbook adoption for three externally owned services.

Objective 4: Reduce network capacity risks and improve latency.

KR 1: Decrease mean latency to the fastest root server by 5 ms for each Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern country on average.

KR 2: Eqiad DC expansion measured by new equipment configured and ready for service.

Objective 5: Reduce technical debt and allow the Wikimedia Foundation to benefit from technical innovations quicker.

KR 1: Established process for tracking OS updates in line with our policy resulting with: a. Capability to generate on fly report of each service OS version and days to EOL tracker. b. Stakeholders approved agreement on OS upgrade policy.

KR 2: Two main mail servers/MXes migrated to Bullseye.

KR3: Reduce the risk of introducing breaking changes in WMCS (WikiMedia Cloud Services) while making changes on production puppet.

KR4: Prepare plan for our infrastructure resource modelling application resulted by selection of one IRM and documented evaluation of improvements.

KR5: Setup a test cluster for Ganeti and use it to test the update to Debian 10