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#REDIRECT [[SRE/Dc-operations/Common Data center Specifications]]
This page will outline our preferred specifications for use in datacenters.
== Cabling Specifications ==
{| class="wikitable"
! Color !! Cable Spec !! Network
| Blue || Cat6 || Production
| Green || Cat5e || Management
| Orange || Cat5e || Serial
| Red || Cat5e || Out of Band Access
| Yellow || 9/125 Singlemode Fiber || All fiber connections
* Fiber note: LC to LC in rack, SC to LC for peer/transit links.
* Cabling Notes:
:* We use pre-made patches in rack (5'/7'/10') for mgmt and production network.
:* We use custom on-site assembled patches for serial.
::* These are nearly always cross-rack and must be custom measured.
::* The pin out differs to work for serial console (cisco/juniper/netapp/sun) without an adapter:
:::* End Device Side: [[wikipedia:TIA/EIA-568#Wiring|568B]]
:::* Serial Console Side: pin 4 white-green, pin 5 green, pin 6 blue (remainder immaterial)
=== Cabling Options ===
* Gear Mounted Top of Rack
:* 12 3M Fiber or 12 10' CAT6 Ethernet Cable
:* 24 2M Fiber or 24 7' CAT6 Ethernet Cable
:* 5  1M Fiber or 5  5' CAT6 Ethernet Cable
* Gear Mounted Mid-Rack
:* 10 1M Fiber or 10 5' CAT6 Ethernet Cable
:* 32 2M Fiber or 32 7' CAT6 Ethernet Cable
== Power Specifications ==
=== CODFW & EQIAD Based Sites ===
* 208V 3 Phase power @ 30 Amps - Two circuits per enclosure for redundancy.
:* Sites in use: eqiad, sdtpa (not all racks redundant power)
:* Power connector used for 30AMP 3Phase is NEMA L21-30P(plug) / L21-30R(eceptacle).
::* Sites not in use: pmtpa (208V 3 Phase @ 20 Amps, redundant) & ULSFO(redundant).
::* Power connector used for 20AMP 3Phase is NEMA NEMA L21-20P(plug) / L21-20R(eceptacle).
* ServerTech 0U SMART PDU
* 42 c13 power ports per feed for a total of 84 ports.
:* Model: CS-84VDY-L2130
::* Also have to order (2) EMTH-1-1 to have two temp/humidity leads, and one Kit-MB-01 (two button mount kit - can use Rittal equivalent)
:* In our present deployments, we use SMART over SWITCHED due to the higher possible rate of failure of the switched power ports over non-switched power ports.
:* We have a rack with switched power, due to legacy equipment that could not out of band power cycle; though now none of that hardware is still in service.
::* RobH thinks we may need to re-investigate the failure rates on switched power, and possibly use it more, since it can be used to remotely clear service processors out of unrecoverable error states,
* Power cords for servers are c13/c14 type.
== Enclosure Specifications ==
=== EQIAD Racks ===
* Depth from front rail to PDU (overall depth for hardware facing the front of the rack): 33"
* Rittal TS-8 Enclosure : Rittal 9962172
:* Sheet Steel, 800MM W by 2200MM H by 1050MM D.  Sand Texture, Black, Perforated front/rear doors, standard rear wall/door, perforated with 4 round cable entry in roof.
:* We have to get three kinds, right side end of row, left side end of row, and enclosures within the row.
::* Inner enclosure: partition wall left side : Right end enclosure: partition left, sidewall right :: Left end enclosure: sidewall left
* Rittal TS - External Baying Connector : Rittal 8800490 : One kit gangs together two enclosures
* Rittal Roof Mount Cable Manager for 32" Wide TS Enclosure : Rittal 9970016
* Rittal Button Mount Brackets
:* Rittal 9971067
=== CODFW Racks ===
* Depth from front rail to PDU (overall depth for hardware facing the front of the rack): 38"
* Racksolutions racks purchased via CyrusOne.
=== All other sites ===
* Racks are provided from the vendor in all other datacenter sites.
** This section should still eventually list the "Depth from front rail to PDU (overall depth for hardware facing the front of the rack)" for each site.
== Serial Console ==
* Opengear CM7148 dual PSU model
:* 48 port serial console server
:* We attach serial to every power strip and every bit of network kit (excluding the rack level mgmt switches)

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