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{{SRE/Data Persistence/Footer}}
{{SRE/Data Persistence/Footer}}
[[Category:Data Persistence]]

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General guidelines

  • If you notice a mistake / gap requiring a simple update, JUST DO IT™.
  • If you notice a mistake / gap requiring a non-trivial update, add the documentation review include.
  • Keep the documentation pages as short as possible. Any self-contained section should be its own page.
  • If you realize we need to document something but don't have the time to do it, create a stub page with a short description and the documentation review and footer includes.


Documentation review (pages requiring comprehensive review)

Add the following at the top of the page: {{SRE/Data Persistence/Documentation_review}}

Footer (all pages)

Add the following at the bottom of the page: {{SRE/Data Persistence/Footer}}

Special pages

This page is a part of the SRE Data Persistence technical documentation
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