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SRE/Clinic Duty/Schedule

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This schedule will likely eventually be moved to a rotation platform (e.g. VictorOps), but in the meantime, this table will feature the schedule.

Week starting Clinician/backup Team
2021-07-05 No clinic duty this week
2021-07-12 Valentín Gutierrez SRE-Traffic
2021-07-19 Reuven Lazarus SRE-Service Operations
2021-07-26 Kunal Mehta SRE-Service Operations
2021-08-02 Moritz Mühlenhoff SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2021-08-09 Emanuele Rocca SRE-Traffic
2021-08-16 Rob Halsell SRE-Data Center Operations
2021-08-23 Jaime Crespo SRE-Data Persistence
2021-08-30 Filippo Giunchedi SRE-Observability
2021-09-06 Alexandros Kosiaris SRE-Service Operations
2021-09-13 Cathal Mooney/Arzhel Younsi SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2021-09-20 Manuel Aróstegui SRE-Data Persistence
2021-09-27 Giuseppe Lavagetto SRE-Service Operations
2021-10-04 Stevie Beth Mhaol SRE-Data Persistence
2021-10-11 Chris Danis SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2021-10-18 Daniel Zahn SRE-Service Operations
2021-10-25 Sukhbir Singh SRE-Traffic
2021-11-01 Reuven Lazarus SRE-Service Operations
2021-11-08 Cole White SRE-Observability
2021-11-15 Jelto Wodstrcil/Janis Meybohm SRE-Service Operations
2021-11-22 Marc Mandere/Brandon Black SRE-Traffic
2021-11-29 Keith Herron SRE-Observability
2021-12-06 Valentín Gutierrez SRE-Traffic
2021-12-13 Matthew Vernon/Manuel Aróstegui SRE-Data Persistence
2021-12-20 Daniel Zahn SRE-Service Operations
2021-12-27 No clinic duty this week
2022-01-03 Rob Halsell SRE-Data Center Operations
2022-01-10 Cathal Mooney SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-01-17 Jelto Wodstrcil SRE-Service Operations
2022-01-24 Jesse Hathaway/Riccardo Coccioli SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-01-31 Amir Sarabadani SRE-Data Persistence
2022-02-07 Arnold Okoth/Reuven Lazarus SRE-Service Operations
2022-02-14 Marc Mandere SRE-Traffic
2022-02-21 Matthew Vernon SRE-Data Persistence
2022-02-28 Janis Meybohm SRE-Service Operations
2022-03-07 Arzhel Younsi SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-03-14 Brandon Black SRE-Traffic
2022-03-21 John Bond SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-03-28 Keith Herron SRE-Observability
2022-04-04 Moritz Mühlenhoff SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-04-11 Jaime Crespo SRE-Data Persistence
2022-04-18 Riccardo Coccioli SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-04-25 Filippo Giunchedi SRE-Observability
2022-05-02 Jesse Hathaway SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-05-09 Reuven Lazarus SRE-Service Operations
2022-05-16 Manuel Aróstegui SRE-Data Persistence
2022-05-23 Alexandros Kosiaris SRE-Service Operations
2022-05-30 Moritz Mühlenhoff SRE-Data Persistence
2022-06-06 Chris Danis SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-06-13 Simon Lyngshede/Moritz Mühlenhoff SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-06-20 Cole White SRE-Observability
2022-06-27 Sukhbir Singh SRE-Traffic
2022-07-04 Andrea Denisse Gómez-Martínez/Jesse Hathaway SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-07-11 Giuseppe Lavagetto SRE-Service Operations
2022-07-18 Valentín Gutierrez SRE-Traffic
2022-07-25 Riccardo Coccioli SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-08-01 Daniel Zahn SRE-Service Operations
2022-08-08 Brett Cornwall/Sukhbir Singh SRE-Traffic
2022-08-15 Cathal Mooney SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-08-22 Amir Sarabadani SRE-Data Persistence
2022-08-29 Jelto Wodstrcil SRE-Service Operations
2022-09-05 Matthew Vernon SRE-Data Persistence
2022-09-12 Marc Mandere SRE-Traffic
2022-09-19 Janis Meybohm SRE-Service Operations
2022-09-26 Brandon Black SRE-Traffic
2022-10-03 Arnold Okoth SRE-Service Operations
2022-10-10 Arzhel Younsi SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-10-17 Keith Herron SRE-Observability
2022-10-24 Effie Mouzeli SRE-Service Operations
2022-10-31 John Bond SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-11-07 Filippo Giunchedi SRE-Observability
2022-11-14 Jaime Crespo SRE-Data Persistence
2022-11-21 Stevie Beth Mhaol SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-11-28 Manuel Aróstegui SRE-Data Persistence
2022-12-05 Jesse Hathaway SRE-Infrastructure Foundations
2022-12-12 Alexandros Kosiaris SRE-Service Operations
2022-12-19 Stevie Beth Mhaol SRE-Data Persistence
2022-12-26 No clinic