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<code>sudo config ntp add <server IP></code>
<code>sudo config ntp add <server IP></code>
===Interface mapping ===
<code>show interfaces description</code>
on S5232F-ON
Sonic side  switch side
Ethernet0 =  E1/1
Ethernet4 =  E1/2

=== Known limitations ===
=== Known limitations ===

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Currently tested on the April 2021 release.


All configuration change done with sudo config need at some point a sudo config save to make them permanent (eg. device reboot)


sudo config hostname dell-spine1


SONiC supports having the management interface in a dedicated VRF, so the default management route (to mr1) doesn't risk impacting production traffic.

sudo config vrf add mgmt

sudo config interface ip add eth0 10.x.x.x/16 10.x.0.1

show management_interface address


Have SNMP listen on its mgmt IP

sudo config snmpagentaddress add 10.x.x.x -v mgmt -p 161

In the tested release, sudo config snmp is not a valid configuration keyword.

Workaround to set the SNMP community:

sudo vim /etc/sonic/snmp.yml

sudo systemctl restart snmp


sudo config ntp add <server IP>

Interface mapping

show interfaces description on S5232F-ON

Sonic side switch side

Ethernet0 = E1/1

Ethernet4 = E1/2

Known limitations

  • It is not possible to configure a DNS resolver, all configuration needs to be done using IPs
  • It is not possible to change the syslog facility
  • cgexec -g l3mdev:mgmt is supposed to run commands from the mgmt VRF, but fails with "cgroup change of group failed"