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Services and applications


We defined in coordination with Ops three different stages and the corresponding requirements to turn a service like Revision Scoring into a "productized service", i.e., a service that can be used, on top of its other use-cases, by Wikimedia Foundation's products and features.

Stage 0 (Architectural discussion)
Horizontal scalability allow additional load be taken up by simply adding new instances
Caching Decide on caching and cache invalidation strategy
SPOF spotting / planning Draw out general architecture, find SPOFs and think of ways to mitigate them
Stage 1 (Implementation)
Actually build the code! This is actual development, start building stuff!
Staging environment provide an environment with the same set up as the Production environment, for test purposes
Deployment system allow to deploy new changes confident that you can roll them back if they fail
Puppetized setup allow spinning up new instances quickly
Comprehensive logging identify bugs and errors more easily
Stage 2
Metrics monitoring define metrics that should go to (examples of such metrics are number of revisions processed per minute, per wiki, % cached, etc.)
Scale hardening Things to do to reduce amount of pages - for example, control the acceptance of new web requests when the celery queue is full. (This step is not required for all services).
Stage 3
API documentation More comprehensive document endpoints (API) and usage


Guidelines around these areas are Work in Progress

  • Dependencies: We should define best practices around dependencies - some considerations: installing them system wide vs isolating them, using virtual environments, debianizing packages etc.

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