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RESTBase is an API proxy serving the REST API at /api/rest_v1/. It uses Cassandra as a storage backend.

It is currently running on hosts with the profile::restbase class.

Deployment and config changes

RESTBase is deployed by Scap.

What to check after a deploy

Deploys to do not always go according to plan, and regressions are not always obvious. Here is a list of things you should check after each deploy:

Other considerations

Be sure to log all actions ahead of time in #wikimedia-operations. Don't be shy about including details.


To temporarily switch to local logging for debugging, you can change the config.yaml log stanza like this:

  name: restbase
    # level can be trace, debug, info, warn, error
    - level: info 
      path: /tmp/debug.log

Alternatively, you can log to stdout by commenting out the streams sub-object. This is useful for debugging startup failures like this:

cd /srv/deployment/restbase/deploy/
sudo -u restbase node restbase/server.js -c /etc/restbase/config.yaml -n 0

The -n 0 parameter avoids forking off any workers, which reduces log noise. Instead, a single worker is started up right in the master process.

Analytics and metrics

Hive query for action API & rest API traffic:

use wmf;

  SUM(IF (uri_path LIKE '/api/rest_v1/%', 1, 0)) as count_rest,
  SUM(IF (uri_path LIKE '/w/api.php%', 1, 0)) as count_action
FROM wmf.webrequest
WHERE webrequest_source = 'text'
  AND year = 2017
  AND month = 9
  AND (uri_path LIKE '/api/rest_v1/%' OR uri_path LIKE '/w/api.php%');