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The production part of this wiki, also known as Wikitech, is for technical documentation of internal infrastructure at the Wikimedia Foundation.

For technical documentation of the MediaWiki software, see

Wikimedia infrastructure


Guides Getting help from SRE · Get involved · Runbooks · How-Tos · Profiling · Puppet coding · Service Level Objectives
Servers Server Lifecycle · LDAP · Virtualization · PartMan
OSs Debian · Distribution upgrades · Puppet · APT repository · Debian packaging
War Security
Maps Batch jobs · Scripts
Communication Mail · Mailing lists · OTRS · PGP Keys · IRC
Network RANCID · Proxy access to cluster · Reporting a connectivity issue
Other Status monitors · Phabricator · Renaming users · Password and 2FA reset · Fundraising
Wiki Browse root category · Category:Wiki · Category:Templates

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