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Toolschecker is a Flask application that runs various active checks on Toolforge and Cloud VPS infrastructure in response to HTTP requests. Each check is exposed as a separate URL on the host. These URLs are monitored by Icinga for alerting purposes (see "").



This list is defined in the toollabs::checker_hosts key in and is used in configuring the ferm rules for Toolforge's flannel and Kubernetes etcd clusters.


Several tools are involved in the checks:

Crontab for /cron check
Webservice for /webservice/gridengine check
Webservice for /webservice/kubernetes check



Expects the mtime of /data/project/toolschecker/crontest.txt to be updated every 5 minutes by a grid job executed by the toolschecker tool.


  • ssh
  • become toolschecker
  • crontab -l
*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/jsub -N toolschecker.crontest -once -quiet -j y -o /data/project/toolschecker/logs/crontest.log touch /data/project/toolschecker/crontest.txt
  • You can check the log at /data/project/toolschecker/logs/crontest.log
    • Note that in the log [Sun Apr 11 22:45:07 2021] there is a job named 'toolschecker.crontest' already active is a normal log line caused by latency in the whole system and not indicative of a major issue.
  • qstat to see what jobs are up there. An erroring job is quite likely to still be visible with the E status.
  • If you have a job in the E status:
    • qstat -j $jobid will give you grid-specific error messages (such as an LDAP issue)
    • Jobs that are not in the system anymore and you somehow are aware of the ID for can sometimes be learned about using qacct -j $jobid. This takes longer, but it reads the accounting files instead of what's in the system at this time. The accounting file *is* rotated, so older jobs will not be in there forever.
    • If an errored job is hanging around, it will block the next execution (unique names are required per user and queue), so run qdel $jobid if you suspect it is doing that.
  • It is possible the problem is with the grid's cron host. It is currently, is a single point of failure and is where cron jobs actually live.
  • If there is an overall grid problem, most of our documentation is in Portal:Toolforge/Admin for that, and Brooke is a good escalation point, if needed.







There is a small script in /data/project/toolschecker/bin/ that runs as a job that runs forever. If it stops running, this checker will go critical. To prevent that there is a cron job definition of:

*/5 * * * * jlocal /data/project/toolschecker/ test-long-running-stretch /data/project/toolschecker/bin/

The script checks for the job and restarts it if not found.