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This is a documentation for tool labs admins
#REDIRECT [[Portal:Toolforge/Admin/Archive]]
Lot of stuff is missing, so please add all documentation of how things are set up here
== Tools ==
=== Creation of new tool ===
Users create tools themselve, just make sure that toolwatcher is running
=== Removal of tool ===
Login to tools-login, and execute
sudo su
cd /home/petrb/bin
./rmtool "<name of tool>"
Follow all instructions / eventually respond to questions, this is interactive script, don't run it in nohup
=== Disabling tools running on -login ===
There should be no bots or such running directly on -login, these should run on a grid. If you see anyone running a bot on -login do following:
==== If they run them in cron ====
Comment out the jobs and leave a message with explanation why you did it.
==== If they run them in a screen ====
Kill them and execute: /usr/local/sbin/warn-screen <list of pts>
== Configuration of instance ==
=== Memory ===
Every instance has overcommit disabled, that is done using /etc/sysctl.d/60-vm.overcommit_memory.conf - this file is inside of init.pp so that every instance get it
=== NFS ===
Every instance need to use nfs by default, this is done by putting it to proper class and then enforcing puppet and rebooting. By default they use gluster,
== New instance cookbook ==
'''Make sure this new instance doesn't provide service which needs own security group - if you fail to add one in time you will have to delete it'''
=== Exec nodes ===
* Make sure that exec nodes have their own external IP so that identd works and bots can connect to IRC inter alia
== Mail ==
The /var/mail is a symlink to /data/project/.system/mail on all servers, that makes the mail boxens shared on whole tools project
There is tools-mail which only Coren knows, what is for
== Toolwatcher (tools-login) ==
There is a daemon on tools-login called toolwatcher.  It creates folders for new tools, creates local databases and updates the webservers' configuration.  If you reboot tools-login or if it's dead, you need to (re-)start it:
sudo su
service toolwatcher start
== Access to instances ==
There is a puppet variable restricted_to. It is set to local-admin on all machines which access should be restricted to.
=== Howto ===
List all jobs
$ qstat -u '*'
See how much memory is being used
$ qstat -F h_vmem
See information about jobs that finished
$ ssh tools-master
$ qacct --help
== local-admin ==
There is admin service group called local-admin, it has own documentation page at here is a copy of it, for case that webservers are offline:
== History of tools ==
Every hour, the list of tools (service groups) is dumped and committed to the repository at <code>~tools.admin/var/lib/git/servicegroups</code> by the script <code>~tools.admin/bin/toolhistory</code> ([[/toolhistory|backup]]) that runs as the continuous job <code>toolhistory</code>.

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