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#REDIRECT [[Portal:Toolforge]]
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[[File:Tool_labs_logo.svg|right|120px|alt=Wikimedia Tool Labs logo|link=Tool Labs]]
'''Tool Labs''' (or '''Tools''') is a hosting environment for developers working on services that provide value to the Wikimedia and Wiki ecosystem.  These services allow developers to easily do adhoc analytics, administer bots, run webservices, and generally create tools to help editors and other volunteers in their work.  The environment also includes access to a variety of [[Portal:Data_Services|data services]].
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The Tool Labs community-developed web applications are all listed at [{{Tool Labs tools list}}]. There is also a smaller selection listed in more detail at [ Hay's Tools Directory].
[[Help:Tool_Labs/Getting_started|Visit the Tools Getting Started]]
[[Help:Getting_Started| Wikimedia Cloud Service Getting Started]]
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