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All procedures in this runbook require admin permissions to complete.


NFS is the primary shared storage system for projects in Cloud VPS and is the main platform for users to place code on the Toolforge execution environment. When a Cloud VPS project would like to use shared storage for one reason or another, we provide a fairly simple path for them to do so. Generally all this will be done in response to a ticket.

Server setup

Unless special arrangements are made. The server to set up on is labstore1004 because the misc volume is there. All non-tools and non-maps shares end up on the misc volume.

Find out the GID for the project

On labstore1004, you can run: $ useldap getent group project-$project_name


user@labstore1004:~$ useldap getent group project-wikilink

Create the share folders

Create the shared folders on labstore1004 as /srv/misc/shared/$project_name/home and /srv/misc/shared/$project_name/project as appropriate. Leave ownership with "root:root". That is normal since we don't root squash projects.

Puppet setup

Add it to modules/labstore/templates/nfs-mounts.yaml.erb (example, another example)

Once puppet is patched, run sudo puppet agent -t on labstore1004. This will trigger nfs-exportd's configuration changes and restart it. That should create a new file for the project under /etc/exports.d on labstore1004 that will be configured with the project's ips.

Enabling on the VMs

Utilize hiera key mount_nfs to opt-in / out. (e.g. mount_nfs: true) The default is false at this time. A puppet run after the above work is completed on a VM with this key set to true will mount the NFS as specified.

Users can be instructed to do this step themselves. This will also enable tc traffic shaping on the VM client which will not remove itself if NFS is later removed. Setting mount_nfs: false will not remove NFS mounts. You must do that by hand after changing hiera.

Support contacts

Communication and support

Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team and Wikimedia movement volunteers. Please reach out with questions and join the conversation:

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Receive mail announcements about critical changes
Subscribe to the cloud-announce@ mailing list (all messages are also mirrored to the cloud@ list)
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Use the Phabricator workboard #Cloud-Services for bug reports and feature requests about the Cloud VPS infrastructure itself
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