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WMCS data services

Data Services include services that allow for direct access to databases and dumps, as well as web interfaces for querying and programmatic access to data stores. Services currently offered are: Wiki Replicas, ToolsDB, Wikimedia Dumps, Shared Storage, Quarry and PAWS.

Wiki Replicas

Wiki Replicas are the sanitized public replicas of the production Wikimedia MediaWiki wiki databases. Access to the Wiki Replicas is granted for users with a Toolforge account automatically. See Help:Toolforge/Database for how to access the Wiki Replicas.


ToolsDB is a service that allows a Tool shared user to create and maintain a Tool specific database. See Help:Toolforge/Database#User databases for help on ToolsDB.

Wikimedia Dumps

Wikimedia Dumps offers a range of data downloads including full text dumps, and other datasets. Toolforge users can directly access dumps data through their Tool account, see Help:Toolforge#Dumps. Cloud VPS users can request to have the share available, see Help:Shared storage#/public/dumps.

Shared Storage

Shared Storage is offered via NFS for Toolforge and Cloud VPS users. Shares currently offered are described at Help:Shared storage. The Toolforge environment is setup for access by default, and other Cloud VPS projects can access some resources on special request.

Wikimedia Dumps are also offered via the Shared Storage services, but treated as a Data Service because of their wide use.


Quarry is a graphical web interface that allows users to write SQL to query the Wiki Replicas. It only needs a Wikimedia (Meta) account to login, and is extensively used by analysts, researchers, and people of all experience levels to easily access the databases. See m:Research:Quarry for help.


PAWS is a Jupyter notebooks on the cloud service that hosts python notebooks and a terminal accessible through a web browser. It also only requires a Wikimedia (Meta) account to login, and allows for access to the Wiki Replicas, ToolsDB and Dumps. See PAWS for help.

OSM Database

We provide a clone of the OSM (OpenStreetMap) database for usage inside Toolforge and Cloud VPS. See Help:Toolforge/Database#Connecting_to_OSM_via_the_official_CLI_PostgreSQL and Openstreetmap_Databases for more information.

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