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Trove is OpenStack's database-as-a-service project. It creates and manages database instances, each of which implements one database install (e.g mysql v5.7.29) hosting one or more databases. Each instance consists of a docker container stored on a cinder volume and running on a VM. The instance implementation details are obscured from the tenant which owns the database instance, but the volume and VM can be accessed from the 'trove' service project.


Puppet will do most of the installation and setup, but a few manual steps are needed. This is not (currently) meant to be a complete script, but a list of pieces not managed by puppet:

  1. Database creation and syncing
  2. Add keystone endpoints (example endpoint: )
  3. Add 'trove' project and 'trove' service user. The trove user's password is stored in puppet. The user needs the 'projectadmin' and 'member' roles in the 'trove' project but NOT the 'admin' role.
  4. Guest images need to be installed (details below)
  5. Database docker images may need to be uploaded to our repo (details below)

guest images

Currently (as of 2021-05-01) we are using the test image builds provided by the Trove project. These are provided by Here's an example of installing a trove guest image:

# wget
# qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O raw ./trove-master-guest-ubuntu-bionic.qcow2 ./trove-master-guest-ubuntu-bionic.raw
# openstack image create --private --project trove --tag trove --disk-format "raw" --property hw_scsi_model=virtio-scsi --property hw_disk_bus=scsi --container-format "ovf" --file ./trove-master-guest-ubuntu-bionic.raw trove-master-guest-ubuntu-bionic
# trove-manage datastore_version_update mysql 5.7.29 mysql $image_id "" 1

Note that only one guest image should be needed for all of Trove; the database type and version switching is handled within the VM by Docker.

Detailed (but possibly incorrect?) instructions can be found here.

guest config

The guest central guest config is stored on the cloudcontrols at /etc/trove/trove-guestagent.conf. That file is injected into guests at boot time.

guest containers

When Trove requests a database of <type>:<version>, the guest image will attempt to fetch a Docker image with a corresponding <image:tag>, for example mysql:5.7.29. Images will only be fetched from the WMCS repo which can be found here:

To provide a new container to Trove you will first need write access to that repository which can be granted by another existing member.

To copy a docker image from Docker Hub and upload it to the repo, the steps look like this:

# docker pull mysql:5.7.29
# docker login
   <provide username/password>
# docker tag mysql:5.7.29
# docker push