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This page describes some standard admin procedures and operations for our Cloud VPS deployments, specifically for the jessie/mitaka/neutron combinations.

Manual routing failover

In the old nova-network days, a very long procedure was required to manually failover from a dead/under-maintenance network node (typically cloudnetXXXX|labnetXXXX).

Nowadays is much more simpler. This procedure assumes you want to move the active service from one node to the other:

Alternatively you can play with other neutron commands to manage agents.

By the time of this writing is not known which method produces less impact in terms of network downtime.

Remove hypervisor

Follow this procedure to remove a virtualizacion server (typically cloudvirtXXXX|labvirtXXXX).

  • Remove or shutdown node
  • openstack hypervisor list will still show it
  • nova service-list will show it as down once it's taken away:

| 9 | nova-compute | labtestvirt2003 | nova | disabled | down | 2017-12-18T20:52:59.000000 | AUTO: Connection to libvirt lost: 0 |

  • nova service-delete 9 will remove where the number is the id from nova service-list

VM/Hypervisor pinning

In case you want to run a concrete VM in a concrete hypervisor, run this command at instance creation time:

OS_TENANT_NAME=myproject openstack server create --flavor 3 --image b7274e93-30f4-4567-88aa-46223c59107e --availability-zone host:cloudvirtXXXX myinstance

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