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This page describes how monitoring works as deployed and managed by the WMCS team, for both Cloud VPS and Toolforge.


There are 2 physical servers:

Both servers get applied the puppet role role::wmcs::monitoring (modules/role/manifests/wmcs/monitoring.pp), which get them ready to collect metrics using a software stack composed of carbon, graphite and friends.

Although the ideal would be for both servers to collect and serve metrics at the same time using a cluster approach, right now only the master actually works. The cold standby fetch metrics using rsync from the master (/srv/carbon/whisper/), so in case of a failover we could rebuild the service without much metrics loss.

These bits are located at modules/profile/manifests/wmcs/monitoring.pp.

Metrics Retention

Our metrics retention policy is 90 days. There are two cronjobs for the _graphite user that are running on labmon1001 for this task:

  • archive-deleted-instances: Moves data from deleted instances to /srv/carbon/whisper/archived_metrics
  • delete-old-instance-archives: Deletes archived data that is older than 90 days

This prevents the /srv partition from becoming full.

The archive-instances script logs operations to /var/log/graphite/instance-archiver.log

Monitoring for Cloud VPS

There are metrics per project.

Monitoring for Toolforge

There are metrics for every node in the Toolforge cluster.

Dashboards and handy links

If you want to get an overview of what's going on the Cloud VPS infra, open these links:

Datacenter What Mechanism Comments Link
eqiad NFS servers icinga labstore1xxx servers [1]
eqiad Cloud VPS main services icinga service servers, non virts [2]
codfw Cloud VPS labtest servers icinga all physical servers [3]
eqiad Toolforge basic alerts grafana some interesting metrics from Toolforge [4]
eqiad Toolforge grid status custom tool jobs running on Toolforge's grid [5]
any cloud servers icinga all physical servers with the cloudXXXX naming scheme [6]
eqiad Cloud VPS eqiad1 capacity grafana capacity planning [7]
eqiad labstore1004/labstore1005 grafana load & general metrics [8]
eqiad Cloud VPS eqiad1 grafana load & general metrics [9]
eqiad Cloud VPS eqiad1 grafana internal openstack metrics [10]
eqiad Cloud VPS eqiad1 grafana hypervisor metrics from openstack [11]
eqiad Cloud VPS memcache grafana cloudservices servers [12]
eqiad Toolforge grafana Arturo's metrics [13]
eqiad Cloud HW eqiad icinga Icinga group for WMCS in eqiad [14]
Datacenter What Mechanism Comments Link

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