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This page contains information on the email setup and how to manage it inside CloudVPS.


The general outgoint SMTP servers are hosted in the cloudinfra project. By the time of this writing:

  • mx-out01.cloudinfra.eqiad.wmflabs
  • mx-out02.cloudinfra.eqiad.wmflabs

Each servers uses a floating IP so we can reference the servers in SPF records. Additionally, each floating IP is referenced by a public FQDN:

  • ---
  • ---

Servers use the puppet role role::mail::smarthost::wmcs plus some hiera config:

profile::standard::has_default_mail_relay: false
standard::has_default_mail_relay: false


TODO: put here some info.


The Toolforge email setup is a bit different. Specific documentation can be found somewhere in wikitech TODO.

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