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Platform-specific documentation/Sun Fire V20z/V40z

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The V20z is a 1U rack server, the V40z is 3U.

pascal, vandale, zedler (toolserver)
mint, fuchsia, lily, hawthorn, mayflower, iris, clematis, sage, ragweed


  • Up to two/four Opteron sockets
  • Two Gigabit ports
  • Supports Sun IPMI Service Processor

Lights Out Management

Connect to hostname.ipmi.knams from within KNAMS.

Common Actions

Serial Console

Log in with SSH and use the command

platform console

Disconnect from the console with

Ctrl-E c .

If the console is used by someone else, you'll get a read only session. To disconnect the other session and get a read/write session, type

Ctrl-E c f

Power Cycling

To reboot a server, log in with SSH and use the command

platform set power state cycle

If it won't, try

 platform set power state -W -f off

You can check that it's off with

 platform get power state

Then you can power it back on with

 platform set power state -W -f on



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