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PAWS/PAWS and Pywikibot

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Learn how to use PAWS to run Pywikibot scripts to perform automated tasks on wikis.


Pywikibot is a and collection of tools that automate work on wikis. Originally designed for Wikipedia, Pywikibot is now used throughout the Wikimedia Foundation's projects and on many other MediaWiki wikis.

This page will help you understand what you can do with Pywikibot in PAWS and provides a link to a notebook based tutorial that you can follow to learn how to perform some basic tasks on wikis.

What can you do with Pywikibot?

If you want to perform maintenance and tasks on wikis that would be difficult to do manually or learn more about wikis you are working with, Pywikibot can be very useful to you. Some examples include giving you the ability to create multiple pages at once, add text and categories, add labels to Wikidata, and much more.

Because Pywikibot is very versitle and makes it possible to perform many different types of tasks on wikis, you may find it useful to explore existing notebooks.


You can find an extensive list of scripts in the Pywikibot manual.

Notebook based tutorial

PAWS & Pywikibot tutorial - This notebook based tutorial provides information about Pywikibot with PAWS and a walkthrough that will get you started using Pywikibot with Python 3 notebooks and the terminal in PAWS.

some examples of PAWS notebooks that using Pywikibot]] to gain a better understanding of how it can be used to improve your wiki.