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[ '''PAWS: A Web Shell''' (PAWS)] is a [ Jupyter notebooks] deployment hosted by Wikimedia.  
[ '''PAWS: A Web Shell''' (PAWS)] is a [ Jupyter notebook] deployment hosted by Wikimedia.  

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PAWS: A Web Shell (PAWS) is a Jupyter notebook deployment hosted by Wikimedia.

A Jupyter notebook is a popular Open Source tool that allows to create and share documents that contain live code. You can use Jupyter notebooks to run scripts that help you perform essential technical tasks on wikis, use data to create visualizations, graphs, and more, and to write techinical documentation and tutorials that help others work on Wikimedia projects.

Jupyter notebooks are used both by experienced programmers and technically curious newcomers. There's no need to download software or set up a development environment. All of your work is done in your browser.

Our deployment is using JupyterHub, which can serve live Jupyter notebooks to multiple users.

Get started now!

PAWS Documentation
Learn about Jupyter notebooks hosted on PAWS and why they might be the right tool for your work.
Get started with PAWS, navigate the service, and perform some basic tasks with your notebooks.
Learn more about using PAWS and Pywikibot to create and run scripts that will help you automate common tasks on wikis.
Find examples of Jupyter notebooks hosted on PAWS, including tutorials and how-tos.
Find out more about the technology and maintenance that keeps PAWS up and running.
Do you have questions or feedback about the PAWS service? Join the discussion here.