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OfficeIT:Conference Room Sound Treatment

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The purpose of this article is to document the process of improving WMF conference room acoustics.

Rigid Fiberglass Panels

Chambers - Rigid Fiberglass Panel Ceiling Plan

Framed, rigid fiberglass panels offer superior sound absorption capabilities. They boast a theoretical NRC of 1.0, meaning they absorb sound perfectly, reflecting no sound waves. These panels cost around $50 each and would need to be suspended to the ceiling using hooks secured to the ceiling and d rings secured to the panel frame. This solution is more expensive than the Auralex foam panel route and requires putting holes in the ceiling, but it is the more effective sound absorption choice. Also, this choice is generally more aesthetically pleasing to look at than the foam panels.

Auralex Foam Panels

Auralex foam panels are inexpensive and easy to install. They have a theoretical NRC of 0.80, meaning they absorb sound effectively, but not as well as fiberglass panels. A pack of 24 12x12 inch square panels costs around $90.

Chambers - Auralex Acoustic Foam Ceiling Plan