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Short pages enwiki

Description List of short pages with a single author (excluding user pages and redirects)
Assignee Duesentrieb
JIRA bug DBQ-7
Source Query service/short pages enwiki#Query
Approximate run time not sure, perhaps an hour or so


SELECT CONCAT(ns_name, ':', page_title, ' - ', page_len)
FROM page
JOIN toolserver.namespace ON page_namespace = ns_id AND dbname = 'enwiki_p'
LEFT JOIN templatelinks ON tl_from = page_id
WHERE page_len < 50
AND page_is_redirect = 0
AND page_namespace NOT IN (2, 3)
AND tl_from IS NULL
AND (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT rev_user_text) FROM revision WHERE rev_page = page_id) = 1
ORDER BY page_len ASC

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