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Obsolete:CiviCRM upgrade

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From CiviCRM 2.? to 3.16 and Drupal 6.? to 6.17.

Steps for CiviCRM upgrade

Note for 3.1, see

  1. Take site down for maintenance (really only necessary for Live)
  2. Disable watchdogs and timeouts for MySQL (make apropriate log entry in #wiki_tech with !log logentry or Tim Starling will be angry)
  3. Disable all CiviCRM integration / extension modules
  4. ensure that civicrm is not drupal home page (administration->site information)
  5. Update code for CiviCRM module ONLY
  6. Activate donor comments custom data field
  7. Copy donor comments to custom field using movenotes.php
  8. Make dump of DB to refresh to in the event of a botched upgrade, so as to not have to repeat the above steps.
  9. Run upgrade script
  10. Pray.
  11. Check ALL path settings (for files, domains, etc)
  12. Make sure that CiviCRM cron jobs are properly configured in Hudson and cron jobs deleted

Steps for Drupal upgrade

This is an ugly way to do this, but until our set up changes...

  1. Download latest drupal
  2. take the site off line
  3. backup everything, particularly .htaccess
  4. chmod g+w sites/default/settings.php; vi sites/default/settings.php
  5. set $update_free_access = TRUE in settings.php
  6. cp -rf latest drupal into the webroot
  7. run update.php
  8. ensure modules are enabled, restore .htaccess
  9. Re-enable watchdogs and timeouts
  10. Reset $update_free_access = FALSE in settings.php
  11. Double check UNVERSIONED files dir
  12. Double check all path settings
  13. Double check queue2civicrm queue settings
  14. Double check CiviCRM ACL permissions in Drupal (particularly around deletion...)
  15. put the site back on line


This is already running on Erzurumi - see ActiveMQ for details.


  2. to quickly reset permissions properly on web dirs in grosely: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data; sudo chmod -R g+w;
  3. Details about non-civi/drupal moving parts on (including testing information)