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ONFIRE/Incident doc review workflow

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Process for grooming our Phabricator board:

Review both wikitech and gdrive for new documents:

Any new incidents, create a task or tag the task with #SRE-OnFire. Task title is the title of the document, body is a link to the document & the names of authors. Put it in the "Pending Review & Scorecard" column. Assigned tasks should be moved to the Phabricator work-board column with the corresponding quarter when the incident occurred (example: #SRE-OnFIRE-FY2021-2022-Q2)

General Guidelines

  • Incidents should be documented and scored within two weeks of the incident occurring.
  • Any documents that have been unassigned for longer than a week after it happened should be assigned promptly, work with the IC for that incident to determine who is the best person to document and score the incident.
  • For documents that are in-review, ask on IRC to find reviewers for them.
  • If a reviewer hasn't made progress on a doc in a week, feel free to ping them.
  • If a document author hasn't replied to review comments in a week, feel free to ping them.
  • Once the document and review process is complete, ensure the pertinent documentation is updated in Wikitech as applicable.
  • Once review comments have been addressed, close the task in the same column pertaining to the quarter when the incident occurred.