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Keep notes about the Wikivoyage Lab project here.

To join the Wikivoyage Lab project, contact Rogerhc.


Nova Resource:Wikivoyage -- Nova is a management tool for OpenStack which is the cloud environment Labs is in.

Next step is to create a Single Node MediaWiki for us to experiment on.

Done -->


The WV Lab sextant logo and favicon Wikivoyage-lab-favicon.png were adapted from this public domain drawing of a sextant.

This may be used on wiki's in instances within the Wikivoyage Lab project.

We don't use the official Wikivoyage logo here because item 10 of the Labs Term of Use prohibit use of Wikimedia logos in Labs projects. So we made a "WV Lab" logo and favicon. They are Roger's property, not Wikimedia's, otherwise said Terms of Use would be violated all over again.


Wikivoyage Lab server admin log <-- to log entries there, post them to #wikimedia-cloud Freenode IRC channel like this:

!log wikivoyage <message>

Please log all server admin config changes to Wikivoyage Lab instances there.


An instance is a virtual server. To configured a new instance with MediaWiki, use Puppet: Manage Instances (left sidebar) > configure (right menu) and select role::mediawiki-install::labs.


2013 April 19 I created instance voy-en and configured it with role::mediawiki-install::labs. It should be accessible at but isn't.

Maybe http://<instancename> (from Help:Single_Node_MediaWiki#How_to_create_a_single-node_MediaWiki_server), so:

Works! -->
It needed configs of May 6 and 9 to work, recorded in Nova_Resource:Wikivoyage#Server_Admin_Log.

Other thing I had tried, before the configs of May 6 and 9:

Maybe the 'web' security access group needs to be tweaked to allow web access. Done.

Maybe I didn't give voy-en any security groups when I created it! But I think I did; see: Nova_Resource:I-000006cf. But then why are they not listed here: Special:NovaInstance?

Does it need a Floating IP or other IP?

Special:NovaAddress allocate IP address. Ask Ryan Lane.

With FoxyProxy installed in my local Firefox and configured, voy-en.pmtpa.wmflabs WORKS. See Help:Access#Accessing web services using a SOCKS proxy

Doesn't work now that I edited the file /var/www/index.html.