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Setting up a new Wikispore instance

  1. Follow the steps in Help:MediaWiki-Vagrant in Cloud VPS#Setting up your instance with MediaWiki-Vagrant. (Seems very broken ATM, see phab:T236455)
  2. Download custom Wikispore Vagrant roles: (get inside the Vagrant box with cd /srv/mediawiki-vagrant; vagrant ssh if needed, then) cd /vagrant; git fetch "" refs/changes/56/546156/1 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD

Copying the DB of another Wikispore instance

(i.e. syncing up test with production

  1. On the source server, get into vagrant, dump with e.g. mysqldump wiki | gzip -9 -c > wikispore.sql.gz
  2. Move the dump to the target server. TODO exposing it via the web is horribly insecure, scp-ing through the Cloud box and Vagrant box is a pain in the ass; better method needed. (Some kinda NFS share? Password-protected web share?)
  3. On the target server, get into vagrant, import with e.g. cat wikispore.sql | mysql wiki

Adding a new namespace

  1. Go to Special:Namespaces
  2. Click on Add a namespace (you need to be admin)
  3. Number should be the smallest available even number starting with 3000 (per this). Default and Canonical should be checked. Name should be the namespace name. Reason can be ignored (it's shown in the logs).
  4. Add the corresponding talk namespace; the number should be one higher.