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=== Projects ===
=== Projects ===

* [[Nova Resource:Wikisource/Wikisource Export|Wikisource Export]]
* [[Nova Resource:Wikisource/Wikisource Export|Wikisource Export]] — [ Grafana wsexport-prod01]
* [[Nova Resource:Wikisource/Wikimedia OCR|Wikimedia OCR]]
* [[Nova Resource:Wikisource/Wikimedia OCR|Wikimedia OCR]] — [ Grafana ocr-prod01]
* [[Nova Resource:Wikisource/IA Upload|IA Upload]] — [ Grafana ia-upload-prod]

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Wikisource is a VPS project for Wikisource-related tools. At the moment, it hosts the Wikisource Export and Wikimedia OCR tools (see below). It is maintained by the WMF Community Tech team.

Project status

currently running

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