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This instance is a test system for WikibaseQualityConstraints. It is manually administered, mainly by Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE), and reachable at

System setup

The system was originally installed on a debian-8.7-jessie image following the instructions in P4838 “Easy install mediawiki on labs!”. Later, the system was manually upgraded to Debian Stretch (SAL).

The main services running are apache2.service and mariadb.service. Apache serves /var/www/html/, where MediaWiki is installed directly. The system does not have enough memory to run BlazeGraph; to support the “format” constraint, a fake SPARQL server runs instead as minisparql.socket (systemd spawns a new minisparql@.service instance for each connection to the socket).


To update the wiki, the following commands are usually sufficient (via SSH on the wikidata-constraints.eqiad.wmflabs host):

umask g+w
cd /var/www/html/
for dir in . extensions/*/; do git -C "$dir" pull || break; done
composer update
php maintenance/update.php --quick
php maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php
jq -r '.config | with_entries(select(.key | endswith("Id"))) | .[] | .value' extensions/WikibaseQualityConstraints/extension.json | php extensions/WikibaseImport/maintenance/importEntities.php --stdin

Consider logging the update in #wikimedia-cloud connect:

!log wikidata-dev wikidata-constraints update MediaWiki and extensions to current master