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Revision as of 20:32, 13 March 2019 by imported>Stashbot (valhallasw`cloud: marked as deprecated & wrote conversion guide to quarry)
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  • 20:32 valhallasw`cloud: marked as deprecated & wrote conversion guide to quarry
  • 20:08 valhallasw`cloud: rebuilt venv & restarted webservice on Stretch -- seems to work without any changes (phew).

November 15

  • 10:35 valhallasw`cloud: set up bigbrother for webservice

June 10

  • 09:20 valhallasw: restarting, hoping it will stay up. No clue how to debug that OOM.
  • 09:20 valhallasw: wtf? job=487745 gives start_time Fri May 23 14:30:17 2014 end_time Fri Jun 6 10:51:21 2014 exit_status 0 - so not killed? However, maxvmem is 3.973G, so probably OOM.
  • 09:17 valhallasw: webservice randomly broken: 2014-06-06 10:51:20: (server.c.1512) server stopped by UID = 0 PID = 12087

March 14

  • 20:51 valhallasw: after a git pull and fixing the config file, tsreports itself is also up in eqiad
  • 20:40 valhallasw: migrate-tool tsreports results in ERROR 1049 (42000): Unknown database 'p50380g50943__cache'. Should not be a huge issue as it's just a cache table.
  • 18:23 valhallasw: dev: due to different username-$HOME relationship, the lighttpd config breaks. Adapted, and tsreports-dev now works.
  • 18:16 valhallasw: dev: adapted database name to s51693__cache. Deployment runs, webservice started.
  • 18:12 valhallasw: Moved -dev over to eqiad; deployment does not work due to different database credentials/database name.